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Welcome to the North East Independent School District
Print Services Website

Mission Statement
"To provide the best possible service to satisfy all
printing requirements through dedicated
staff and management that work for customer satisfaction."

Office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday

General Information
The Print Services Department operates as an "Internal Service Fund Organization". The Print Shop is not allocated budgeted funds to provide printing services.Therefore, in order to cover the costs of supplies, salaries and various operating expenses, district campuses and departments are billed for all printing requests. Costs for printing services are determined by including the cost of supplies, labor hours, and operating expenses of the department. Supplies for the Print Shop (various papers, inks, printing plates, etc.) are obtained through the bid process. By following the district bid guidelines we obtain supplies at costs lower than the retail market. Therefore, in most cases, we provide services at costs below that of outside vendors.

Quality of Work
Print Services strives to provide quality work for you, "Our Customers". There should be sufficient time allowed for job completion. Job quality can be adversely impacted when work production is rushed. In some instances, jobs will have to be out sourced (at a much higher cost) if time allowed is insufficient.

Copyright Materials
Print Services will not reproduce any copyright materials without written permission from the publisher. Letters giving written permission must be attached to the work order, and will be retained in the Print Shop.

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