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fine arts - band

The music program of NEISD is designed to provide opportunities for each student to develop his/her creative talent in a variety of ways. The Music Department consist of four main areas: Band: 6th-12th grade; Choir: 6th-12th grade. Orchestra: 5th-12th grade and Elementary Music : K-5th grade. All Music programs focus on establishing and developing basic musical and performance skills. Music training begins with our Elementary Music programs and upon entering the Secondary level, students may choose between Band, Choir and Orchestra.

In the 9-12th grade, students have the opportunity to experience a greater variety of more challenging literature.  In the fall semester, band members participate in Marching Band.  This program rehearses outside of the normal class day, usually before or after school.  Marching Band performs at all football games and competes in UIL Marching Band events.  District-wide enrollment in high school band numbers approximately 1,200 students.