NEISD - Athletics Campus Contacts

Athletics Campus Information

North East ISD currently has seven high schools and thirteen middle schools. Each school has a comprehensive athletic program for girls and boys. For information relating to an individual campus and for procedures to enroll in a specific sport, contact one of the individuals listed below at your selected school.

Churchill High School Athletic Booster Club
Ron Harris, athletic coordinator 210-356-0044
Jo Anne Hultgren, asst. coordinator 210-356-0045
Johnson High School Athletic Booster Club
Ron Rittimann, athletic coordinator 210-356-0473
Nicole Blakeman, asst. coordinator 210-356-0431
Lee High School  
Danny Kloza, athletic coordinator 210-356-0837
Kellie Johnson, asst. coordinator 210-356-0840
MacArthur High School Athletic Booster Club
Ben Cook, athletic coordinator 210-356-7647
Margaret Mitcham, asst. coordinator 210-356-7664
Madison High School Athletic Booster Club
John Campbell, athletic coordinator 210-356-1489
Shannon Wolfe, asst. coordinator 210-356-1508
Reagan High School Athletic Booster Club
David Wetzel, athletic coordinator 210-356-1888
Frankie Whitlock, asst. coordinator 210-356-1897
Roosevelt High School  
Matt Carroll, athletic coordinator 210-356-2221
Rob Rheinberger, asst. coordinator 210-356-2228
Bradley Middle School  
Gregg Beck, athletic coordinator 210-356-2648
Girls Office 210-356-2649
Bush Middle School  
James Street, athletic coordinator 210-356-2933
Girls Office 210-356-2932
Driscoll Middle School  
Jeff Meyer, athletic coordinator 210-356-3248
Girls Office 210-356-3250
Eisenhower Middle School  
Chad Curtis, athletic coordinator 210-356-3534
Girls Office 210-356-3535
Garner Middle School  
Paul Melendez, athletic coordinator 210-356-3828
Girls Office 210-356-3829
Harris Middle School  
Brad Boggan, athletic coordinator 210-356-4133
Girls Office 210-356-4134
Hill Middle School  
Edward Lozano, athletic coordinator 210-356-8035
Girls Office 210-356-8037
Jackson Middle School  
Travis Kersten, athletic coordinator 210-356-4435
Girls Office 210-356-4434
Krueger Middle School  
Karl Kotara, athletic coordinator 210-356-4729
Girls Office 210-356-4730
Lopez MIddle School  
Bo Kilpatrick, athletic coordinator 210-356-5049
Girls Office 210-356-5050
Nimitz Middle School  
Elroy Friesenhahn, athletic coordinator 210-356-5357
Girls Office 210-356-5435
Tejeda Middle School  
Monroe Meador, athletic coordinator 210-356-5655
Girls Office 210-356-5654
White Middle School  
John Gallardo, athletic coordinator 210-356-5945
Girls Office 210-356-5946
Wood Middle School  
Robert Curry, athletic coordinator 210-356-6265
Girls Office 210-356-6237