information for students

Off Campus Physical Education Approved Agencies


Minimum Competitive Level

Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio

Coordinator: Michelle Merwarth

Vladimir Vlader
Level 8, Jr Elite - Sr Elite

Aerial Athletics

Coordinator: Valerie Oates

Jennifer Banowsky

Heather Schnelzer
Ryan Snyder

Level 5 (AM Group) Train Two-A-Days (Approximately 26 hrs/wk)

Level 5 (PM Group) Train 4 to 5 days (Approximately 20 hrs/wk)

Alamo Fencing Academy

Coordinator: Andrei Samrodov

Andrei Samrodov
National to Olympic, these athletes compete regularly in National level tournaments. Minimum of 15 hours of training per week with a National Fencing ranking of A-E as assigned by the US Fencing Association

Alamo Gymnastics Center

Coordinator: Abdul Hussein and Kelly Wright

Yuejin Sun

Michael Baker

Mike Hunsucker

Level 6 & above

(the optional extra day for level 6 is for up-training and/or time to practice)

Level 6's looking to advance to level 7 within the same competitive year are encouraged to attend this extra day as they will be working out as a level 7 on this day.

Alliance Fencing Academy

Coordinator: Andrey Geva

National to Olympic

Student are competing nationally in the fencing arena.

American Dance Company

Coordinator: Farrah Olson

Upper Intermediate to Advance

Arabella Equestrian

Coordinator: Veronica Pederson

Student competing at Intro Level as recognized by the USDF.

Artemov Gymnastics

Coordinator: Sue Artemov

Vladimir Artemov

Jr National Program

Level 6 & above

Ballet San Antonio Academy

Coordinator: Satonya Rohelia

Mayra Worthen

Husan Hopuy

Esther Mayer

Jennifer Coias

Wendy Ellis

Ivania Hock

Raul Riojas

Kimberly Gutierrez

Helen Garcia

Alexa Horwath

Intermediate to Advance

Student must participate in the San Antonio Youth Ballet (SAYB). Please contact agency for more details regarding their programs.

Collective Dance Artistry

Coordinator: Ashley Boyd

Intermediate to Advance

Student must be a member of the Collective Dance Artistry Performance Company (pre-professional youth dance company). Minimum of 24.75 hours training per week.

Connally's Dance Workshop, Inc. / San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet

Coordinator: Susan Connally

Susan Beil Connally

Karin L. Connally

Susan Trevino

Theresa Broussard Comstock

Joseph Villalobos

Laura Villalobos

Levels 5 - 7 (Upper Intermediate to Advance)

Cygnets of San Antonio

Coordinator: Melodie Wallace

Katy Wiita

Lyssa Wallace

Melodie Wallace

Association Age Group

Dance Plus, Inc.
Coordinator: Deborah Pamplin

Level I or Level II Comepetitve Team

Earle Cobb Dance Studio

Coordinator: Lauren Garcia

Dena Mabry

David Hernandez

Elite - Student must compete on a Regional Level

Gray's Equine

Coordinator: Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray
Intermediate - National

Gymnastics of San Antonio

Coordinator: Tye Hair/Jessica Freed

Johnny Gutierrez

Regional - National

Level 5 and above

On occasion we will consider a fast progressing, serious minded level 4 taking 15 hours for the OCPE program.

Heather Stolle's School of Dance

Coordinator: Heather Stolle

Regional - National Competition

Hidden Springs Equestrian Center

(Brad Jewett Performance Horses)

Coordinator: Duke WIlliams

Duke Williams

Brad Jewett

World Championship Level

Ice & Golf Cnt at Northwoods

Coordinator: Sarah Baxter

Pre-Preliminary on USFS Standard Testing Track for Grade 9 & above. Grades 6 - 8 completed basic skills 1-8 & at Freeskate level working towards USFS Standard Testing Track.

Ice & Golf Cnt at Northwoods

Coordinator: Merestacia Killebrew

Pre-Preliminary on USFS Standard Testing Track

Ice & Golf Cnt at Northwoods

Coordinator: Julie Kowal

Pre-Preliminary on USFS Standard Testing Track

Ice & Golf Cnt at Northwoods

Coordinator: Erin Leonard

USFS Member/ SAFSC Member, pass basic skills 1-8 & free skate 1-6, Pre-preliminary moves in the field (MIF)

Ice & Golf Cnt at Northwoods

Coordinator: Stacy Shoeman

Pre-Preliminary on USFS Standard Testing Track

Impact Golf Academy at Silverhorn

Coordinator: David Winget

Please contact the PE & Health office at 210-491-6100 option 4.

Insight Dance Ensemble

Coordinator: Paige Blend

Paige Blend
Lily Houtkin

Amanda Jenkins

Stacy Jones

Phaedra Kingry

Rhonda McClure

Compete on a Regional - National Level. Proficiant in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap and Hip-Hop.

J & R Gymnastics
Coordinator: Robin Jeffers

Karen Medellin
USAG Level 8 and above

Kathy Marfin's Dance School

Coordinator: Tiffany Harmon

Tiffany Harmon

Ernesto LeaPlace

Amy Smith

Jennifer Trevino

Carrie Vicana

Levels I - IV

(Regional - National Competition)

Liberty Hill Farm

Coordinator: Kitch Simpson

Regional 9 Championship qualifiers and attendees

Love Gymnastics

Coordinator: Jing Zhou

Jing Zhou

WenJing Wang

Dong Zhong

USAG Level 5 and above

Marty Allen Wernle Stables

Coordinator: Marty Wernle

Marty Wernle

Susan Wernle

Level A working toward the 5-State Regional Level, Qualify for youth Nationals

McAdoo Tennis Academy

Coordinator: Bernard McAdoo


Please contact the PE & Health office at 210-491-6100 option 4.

Murrillo Competitive Advantage LLC.

Coordinator: Andy Murrillo


Please contact the PE & Health office at 210-491-6100 option 4.

North East AquaticTeam

Coordinator: David Johnson

David Johnson

Tracey Spurgeon
Lou Walker

Level "A" Swimmer with qualifying TAGs Times

Oak Valley Stables

Coordinator: Nora Scott Reams

AQHA-Novice Youth working towards Regional, Congress, and World.

4H District working towards State and National Levels.

Ohana Wrestling Academy
Coordinator: Xavier Hernandez

Xavier Hernandez
Open with national competition documentation

Olympia Gym

Coordinator: Brad Speed

Brandon Johnson
Gymnastics Level 5

Olympian Fencing Club

Coordinator: Velizar Iliev

Advance Level with "A", "B" or "C" fencing rank

Platinum Equine

Coordinator: Reid Thomas

Reid Thomas


Novice Division

Quenedit Ballet School

Coordinator: Sharon Zurcher

Ernesto Quenadit

Catalina Garza

Competitive Category/ Ballet Level 3 and above

Retro Sport Karate
Coordinator: TJ Lopez
TJ Lopez
Red Belt

Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ

Coordinator: Heather Breves

Rodrigo Pinheiro Breves
National Level
Must participate in at least 4 BJJ tournaments each year

Russell Equestrian Center

Coordinator: Priscilla Gunn

Col. John Russell

Shane Russell

2nd/ 3rd level dressage

San Antonio Divers

Coordinator: Allison Huntress

Allison Huntress

Craig Nolder

Elite Team (by invitation only) Expected to train/compete at ALL J.O. Invitational, USA Regional, USA Zones, and USA National Championships.

San Antonio Fencing Center

Coordinator: Curtis Hardy

Curtis Hardy

Gary van der Wege


Student should be on a Regional/National points list for their age group

San Antonio Gymnastics Academy

Coordinator: Bruce Kowal

Level 6 - Jr. Olympic, beginning optional routines. Student is competing Nationally and Regionally.

San Antonio School for the

Performing Arts

Coordinator: Scott Conway

Scott Conway

Susan Trevino

Overall Level 3

San Antonio Wave
Coordinator: Carol Rettele

Carol Rettele
Marcos Gonzalez
Level "A" Swimmer

Step Aside Farm

Coordinator: Donna Cheney

Nationally Qualified

Student must have National standing points with the US Equestrian Federation.

Studio 10 Dance Center

Coordinator: Pat Holbrook

Student's must be performing and training on a professional level.

United Gymnastics
Coordinator: Amanda Rocha

Paul Rocha
Amanda Rocha

USAG Level 6-10

Universal Judo

Coordinator: Jim Hrbek

State to Regional

Student must participate in Junior and/or Senior National competitions, as is age appropriate. Student must be a member of the USA Judo. Student must be working toward Junior Elite National ranking in Intermediate - IJF Junior Divisions.

VIP Gymnastics

Coordinator: Angela Boice

Level 7 - 10

Student is training 5 days a week with a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Winning Fields Stables

Coordinator: Daniella Fields

Showing at "A" & "AA" Level Shows