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Bully Awareness in neisd -Consequences

NEISD prohibits bullying.
Retaliation against anyone involved in the complaint process is a violation of Board Policy and is prohibited.

Bullying allegations reported to the school will result in an investigation by the principal or designee. The school administrator will take an interim action calculated to prevent bullying during the course of an investigation, if appropriate.

The campus principal or designee shall determine whether the allegations reported constitutes a prohibited conduct and will respond by taking appropriate disciplinary actions in accordance with the District’s Student Code of Conduct.

Multiple consequences are possible for a single infraction by a student. For example, schools may take disciplinary actions and involve the police which could result in legal actions taken by the law enforcement agency. In cases that involve law enforcement, a separate investigation by the police may occur. If a sufficient cause exists, a student may be charged or arrested.

Appropriate school disciplinary actions may include, but not limited to, in-school suspension, off-campus suspension, and/or removal to a disciplinary alternative placement.

In addition, other actions that may be taken by the school administrator which may include, loss of school privileges and in cases when the behavior is extreme, severe, and persistent, a student could be moved to another school.