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Department of Institutional Development


Mission Statement

The Department of Institutional Development is committed to providing high quality support to district and campus stakeholders by seeking and obtaining new revenue to meet district and campus initiatives.



  • Locate new revenue.
  • Communicate grant opportunities and provide feedback to support the writing process.
  • Monitor timelines for grant completion to meet district, state and federal requirements.
  • Support campus and district efforts by addressing customer needs through grant projects and obtaining funding for those projects.  
  • Develop winning grant proposals.



The department offers four levels of support to district schools and departments:

Level 1—Instruction

Level 2—Guidance

Level 3—Review

Level 4—Development


  • Listing of grant opportunities
  • Worksheets and resources on grant writing
  • Direction on grant approval process and required forms
  • Templates of commonly needed information such as:
    • District description
    • Demographics
  • Assistance via email or phone

Provides Level 1 support plus:

  • Analysis of grant instructions, criteria and/or Request for Proposal to determine what is needed to complete the application
  • Assistance with completion of Grant Planning Strategy Worksheet
  • In-person training as requested

Provides Level 1 & 2 support plus:

  • Assistance with deadline monitoring
  • Peer review to edit grant application

Provides Level 1, 2 & 3 support plus:

  • Collaboration on project planning and timeline design
  • Ownership over writing process
  • Final application for signatures
  • Submission of application
  • Assistance with monitoring activity deadlines after award of grant
  • News article to Community Relations about grant award

If you are district employee and need more information about the grant process, please visit the department's intranet page.

Our Staff

Deb Caldwell

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