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HUMAN RESOURCES - substitute payroll information


Substitutes are paid twice a month (to be determined by the Payroll Department); paydays vary depending on weekends and holidays. See the payroll schedule for the pay periods beginning and ending dates and exact pay dates.

When you sign up for Direct Deposit it will take approximately 1 month for the direct deposit to be set up with your bank. You will receive a statement with the withholding information and the job #s for the days you worked in that pay period. 


Teacher Substitutes
Daily Rate
Certified Substitute (Valid Teaching Certificate TX or Out of State)
Degreed Substitute (Bachelors or Masters completed)
Substitute Certified & Degreed (Half Day Assignment)
Long Term Substitute**

$135.00 (After 10 Consecutive Days)

Registered Nurse
Instructional/Admin Support Substitute (Paraprofessional)
$9.25 per hour
Substitute SPED Para/Assistant



Roosevelt HS, Krueger MS, White MS, Camelot El, Clear Spring EL, East Terrell Hills EL, Montgomery EL, Royal Ridge EL, Walzem EL, Wilshire EL and Windcrest EL

Degreed or Certified Substitute Teacher (Bachelor's or Master's Degree completed)
Substitute Teacher (Half Day Assignment)
Long Term Substitute
$140.00 (After 10 Consecutive Days)
Substitute Paraprofessional/Assistant
$10.63 per hour


**Long Term AssignmentsSubstitute must be appropriately certified and highly qualified to teach the grade level/assignment of the absent teacher.  After 10 consecutive days in the same position, pay will be increased to $135.00 a day starting on the 11th instructional day for a full day assignment and increased to $67.50 for a half day assignment.  An Extended Day Rate Approval form must be completed by the substitute and campus administrator, and returned to the Human Resources Dept. for approval before the increase can be received.


All substitutes will have 6.2 % Social Security deducted from each paycheck plus 1.45 % for Medicare. Retired employees who are currently receiving a check from the Teacher Retirement System will have 1.45% for Medicare only deducted from each paycheck.


All substitutes’ payroll direct deposit paystubs and job detail reports are placed in the U.S. mail the day before payday and mailed to your home. If you have signed up for direct deposit, check with your particular bank or credit union for information on the exact date of availability of your funds.


If you find that you were not paid for a day that you worked, refer to the payroll schedule.  The day may be part of the next pay period.  If a day has not been paid, please contact the school where you worked so the correction can be made before contacting the Payroll Office.  Once the correction is made at the school for any missed days and sent to the Payroll Office you will be paid on the next scheduled payday.


The Payroll Dept. will not give out net pay information over the telephone.  Please keep a record of jobs worked each month to have an idea of the amount you will be receiving each payday or refer to the SmartFind Express to review past assignments.