Welcome Back Bulletin

Posted by Ruth Spina on 8/1/2019

News You Need to Know

  • Teachers need to sign in/out daily at the front office
  • Hourly employees must use the time clock on a daily basis - follow your schedule - we do not have an overtime budget
  • Furniture for classrooms and the main office will be delivered on August 12 & 13. Do not drag furniture.  Call the office for help.
  • We will be sorting out supplies in the gym and portables.  Please do not move any items unless you are asked to help.  Mrs. Riley and Mrs. Coronado are in charge of these items and the workflow.
  • In preparing your room, be sure to consider morning routines, emergency contact information, developmentally appropriate materials. 

Focus on Instruction

  • Think about what a four-year-old will need to be physically safe in the classroom at the beginning of the year?
  • Think about what a four-year-old will need to feel safe in your classroom.
  • What will parents need to see or hear from you at the beginning of the year that will build confidence in you as their child's caretaker?
  • Teachers and assistants need to clearly communicate in order to build structure, plan routines and communicate expectations for a successful start to the year.

Behavior Management Tips

  • Remember that your classroom environment is considered the 3rd teacher.  What you put out and how you arrange the room can help or hinder student learning. Remove clutter and keep all areas tidy - embrace the "less is more" concept.
  • Consider safety and look at everything from the perspective of a four-year old. One suggestion - sit on the floor and look around. How does it look from there?  

Upcoming dates


  • 5-9 - New Teacher Orientation
  • 12 - First day for teachers & Convocation
  • 13 - Work in rooms, class lists, calling parents
  • 14 - Curriculum Day
  • 15 - Assistants begin work and attend Curriculum Day
  • 16 - Safety Trainings, Meet the Teacher and Ribbon-Cutting
  • 17 - School open to work in classrooms - teachers only (Saturday)
  • 19 - First day of school
  • 22 - Fire Drill


  • 2   - Labor day
  • 12 - Fall Individual Pictures 

PLC discussion questions

  • What are the most crucial decisions to make to help all of our early learners to successfully transition into school during the first weeks in your classroom?
  • How will each classroom team communicate clearly to provide the best learning environment for every child, every day?


Which one inspires you?

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Thank You

Our custodial crew and the construction team deserve some energetic recognition for the hard work that was done this summer to make our building beautiful and ready for children! Please give them a smile and show your appreciation when you see them.



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