Director's Blog November 22, 2020

Posted by Stephen Watson on 11/22/2020 6:30:00 PM

Director’s Blog

November 22, 2020


November 23-27 (this week) is the Thanksgiving Break from school.  School begins again on November 30.  Hopefully, this week will provide some much-needed rest from the crazy fall semester.

Recruiting opportunities

We had our first KSAT Magnet Video Night recently. Facebook Live shut down unexpectedly and we were not able to complete the presentation.  To provide parents with additional information, we have two additional Magnet Video Nights for KSAT on November 30 and December 15 at 6:00 pm.

An on-campus KSAT OPEN HOUSE is scheduled for January 20, 2021 AT KRUEGER - 438 Lanark San Antonio, TX 78218. This event is from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Note for 8th grade students. It is time to start deciding your high school choice. Current KSAT 8th grade students will receive automatic admission into the Engineering Technology Academy (ETA) at Roosevelt High School.  In the next few weeks, ETA will send a link to 8th KSAT asking students and parents if they will accept this admission offer.  Please look for this information after the Thanksgiving break.


As I have stated in past blogs, communication is a key to ensuring success in these different times.  The news has reported the number of problems students and families are experiencing this year.  We have invited those students who are struggling with virtual learning to return to campus for In-person instruction. We are working on a credit protection plan for those who return to campus and are still struggling.  When we return from the Thanksgiving Break, we will only have fifteen days before the end of the first semester. Check parent portal frequently.  If you have questions about grades, email the teachers and they will answer your questions as soon as they can. Also, contact the teachers if you are having technical issues.

In our technological world, we communicate frequently through email or phone.  Please access your parent portal account to verify phone numbers and email address so you will receive all our communications.

Reminder about UNIFORMS: KMS is a uniformed campus. All students who are on campus are expected to be in uniform polo shirts (6th grade- golden rod or yellow, 7th grade- white and 8th grade- black) or SPIRIT SHIRTS with khakis or jeans.


The Shuttle Bus schedule is posted (see the link below).  The morning schedule is like last year’s schedule.  The afternoon has two departure times. Students who are not participating in extracurricular activities or tutoring, may choose to depart at the earlier time. Students who have failing averages need stay until 3:30 to attending tutoring so they can improve their grades.    Please make sure your child knows if they are leaving at 1:50 or 3:30 each day. If there is a change from normal departure time, please email my office or the teachers to inform us of the change.  If a student is staying until 3:30, they need to confirm with a KSAT teacher where the group will meet each day since the location where students go after 1:50, rotates each day.  Over the last few weeks, we have had situations where the student rode the bus at 1:50 and there was no one at their home campus to pick them up. Therefore, if your child rides the bus at 1:50, please make sure there is someone at the home campuses to pick the students at the scheduled time.


Magnet Shuttle Schedule


Final Thoughts

Thanksgiving is this week.  Take some time to reflect on the good things happening in your life. As you celebrate, please be mindful of safety protocols put out by our governmental officials to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We want everyone to return after the break ready to finish the semester strong.   The next two months will be very busy.  We have some recruiting events scheduled.  For recruiting this season, it is going to be more critical than ever to have parents and students sharing their experiences in the KSAT program and encouraging interested families to apply.   More information about the magnet programs and the online application can be found at  They can always contact us directly at 210-356-4706.

Have a great week.

Stephen Watson Ed.D.

Director of the Krueger School of Applied Technologies