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NEISD counselors learn what to "see" so they can say something

It takes all of us to be #NEISDsafe

Learning what to see so, you know what to say.

Recently, every North East ISD counselor got a sobering look at human trafficking.

Ransomed Life, a non-profit focused on helping sexually exploited children, offered them insight on how to spot human trafficking, warning signs and how to help.

Since it takes all of us to keep our community safe, we wanted to share what they learned.

Here are some red flags that could indicate something is going on:

    -relationships with older individuals

    -inappropriate social media

    -drastic changes in demeanor or look

    -drop in grades or truancy

Ransomed Life representatives also shared that “indicators or red flags for human trafficking can be difficult to explain because they don’t all fit into nice, neat little categories. There is significant crossover between indicators for human trafficking and other possible causes like other types of abuse, drug use or mental health issues.”

Encourage and empower your children to report troubling or questionable behavior to their counselor or the North East Police Department (NEPD).

If you see something concerning, let NEPD know so they can investigate.

All tips are investigated, and you can remain anonymous.

The North East Tip Line ( gives you a safe and confidential way to report a wide variety of safety concerns. 

You can also call the NEPD non-emergency line at 210-407-0925.

It takes all of us to be #NEISDsafe.