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Online monitoring with Social Sentinel

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NEISD uses Social Sentinel to constantly monitor public social media.

This monitoring service looks for keywords and alerts our District anytime there is a threat or potential of violence.

The North East Police Department investigates every alert.

While Social Sentinel is helpful in monitoring online activity, access to private messages and chat is unavailable.

Students chat on various apps and can also message and chat on video game consoles.

If you see something concerning, let the NEPD know so it can be investigated.

Also, encourage and empower your children to report troubling or suspicious online activity to NEPD.

All tips are investigated. 

And all tips are good tips.

It takes all of us to be #NEISDsafe.

The North East Tip Line ( gives you a safe and confidential way to report a wide variety of safety concerns. 

You can also call the NEPD non-emergency line at 210-407-0925.