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Important Things to Know


Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Bradley! As the school nurse, the health and well-being of our students is the highest priority. Your assistance with the procedures listed below is very important in helping us keep your child and our campus healthy and safe. Please read the following and feel free to stop by the clinic or call any time if you have questions.

  1. Please complete “Student Health Data Form” in Skyward Family Access under the NEISD Automated Forms section. Each year we ask that you please complete this form so that we will be aware of your student's health needs. Please call with any additional information or anything you feel needs to be discussed. Update phone numbers throughout the year on Skyward Family Access so we have up-to-date numbers in case of emergency. Update the clinic with any changes in your child's medical status as appropriate
  2. Elevator Keys/Crutches/Wheelchairs/Extra Time Between Classes. If at any time during the school year your student is on crutches or in a wheelchair, you must provide a doctor’s note indicating specific needs (use of elevator, crutches, etc.). An elevator key will be issued to your student. A $10 fee will be due for any lost keys.
  3. NEISD Medication Policy
    • All medications must be kept in the clinic.
    • All medications must be brought to school and taken home by a parent or guardian. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING MEDICATION TO SCHOOL.
    • Medications must be accompanied by a “Medication Administration Request” form signed by both the physician and the parent.
    • The administration of non-prescription medication is permitted only on a very limited basis and only with written permission from parents/guardians. Only medications with appropriate dosages and indications will be accepted. Medications without a physician's order will be administered for ten (10) school days. A physician's order will be required thereafter.
    • All medications must be in the original container with a pharmacy label attached and not expired.
    • SELF-CARRY medications require new paperwork to be filed EACH YEAR. A parent must bring current orders and medication to the clinic to begin the self-carry process.
    • Cough drops and throat lozenges will be administered to students with written permission from parents/guardians for five (5) consecutive school days, up to two (2) occurrences per school year. With written parent/guardian permission, students may use up to two (2) cough drops or lozenges per day; they must remain in the clinic while the cough drop or lozenge dissolves to decrease the risk of choking.

 ***You may download medication forms on our website***

  1. Immunizations: Please bring an updated shot record when your student gets a shot so we can enter them into our system and file them in their health record. PARENTS OF STUDENTS ENTERING 7th GRADE: In order to start 7th grade, your student is required to have a record of a meningococcal vaccine and tetanus booster (within the past 5 years). Check  Skyward Family Access to see your child's current vaccine record on file with the school.

We look forward to working with each of you this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 356-2603 or email:

Thank you again for your cooperation and understanding. Have a wonderful year!


Jeannette Stintzi, BSN, RN


fax: 210-491-8313

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