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Coding is shaping our future!

Published on Mar 5, 2020

Young minds were buzzing in this classroom at Camelot Elementary School.

Thirteen-year-old Luke Williams is one of several students from the Design and Technology Academy (DATA) at Ed White Middle School who travels to different elementary campuses to teach kids how to code.

“Coding is shaping our future, it’s a code of instructions that tells a computer what to do,” the seventh-grader said.

He said in the most recent lesson, they were learning about conditional statements.

“What that is basically a true or false. If the weather is rainy, then I take an umbrella. If I didn’t do my homework, then I better do it or I’m going to get in trouble,” he explained.

Victor Cantu is a fifth-grader at Camelot and stays after school to improve his skills with help from the DATA coder pals and the local non-profit called Youth Code Jam.

“I’ve been coding since I was in fourth grade when the Coding Club came out. They help me like if you have problems,” the eleven-year-old said.

With technology advancing more and more every day, knowing how to code can help lead students toward higher paying careers in the future.

“Having the technological skills under your belt is really good because it gives you lots of job options that you can have,” Luke said.

He said he wants the elementary students to know that they can always rely on their friends at the Design and Technology Academy (DATA).

“Middle school can be a tough time and a tough transition but coming to Coding Club gives kids a chance to make new friends, get a familiar face so that when they transition to middle school, they can have someone there. It makes it so much easier,” he said.

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