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The unveiling of a DATA @Ed White⁩ masterpiece!

The unveiling of an ⁦@dataedwhite⁩ masterpiece! Amazing mural from an amazing group of artists! “Illuminating Lives” showcases Ed White’s first space walk! Thanks to all who helped bring this idea to life!

"The mural was paid for by DATA parents, @neisd #neefgrant and supplies purchased at #homedepot @homedepot also donated supplies as well. All 192 square feet of this mural was hung up last Sunday, by generous volunteers from the #cityofwindcrest and @mayordanreese himself! Each panel took 3 men to hang and the astronaut took 5. The astronaut hangs separate from the background panels. The “eagle” constellation was painted by 7th grade DATA student Celene Gutierrez and the “man” constellation was painted by 7th grade #data student Kadence Chauvey. The astronaut measures roughly 10 feet tall by 10 feet wide. Literally hundreds of hours went into making him look perfect. Multiple layers of each color of hand mixed #rustoleum paint were used. He is sealed with 2 part epoxy varnish. If you zoom in you can see I painted a tiny yellow heart by the eclipse, because... #totaleclipseoftheheart

Our #edwhitefamily is truly a village community."

                  -Stacey Morrison

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    Stacey Morrison in front of mural

Artists in front of mural Mural Students admiring their work Artists