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The “Medication Administration Request” must be completed and signed by both the parent and the physician.
MEDICATION FORMS  (click on link)

All medication must be in the original container with correct dosage information on the label. No expired medications. 

All medications must be kept in the clinic. (With the exception of inhalers and some emergency  drugs, with proper documentation)

All medications must be brought to school and picked up by a parent. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MEDICATIONS TO SCHOOL WITH THE STUDENT.

Over-the-counter medications may be left in the clinic all year with the “Medication Administration  Request” signed by the parent and the physician.

Short term medications may be left in the clinic for 10 days with a parent note.
 Forms must be renewed each school year. 

If you have any questions please call Gigi Branch, RN or Pam Gonzalez, LVN at 356-1857.

The “Medication Administration Request” may be

Faxed to: 482-2222, attn: clinic
Mailed to: Reagan H.S. Clinic 19000 Ronald Reagan San Antonio, TX 78258
Or Scanned to: