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ASL (American Sign Language)


Timmothy Kitterman



I've been teaching ASL since 2000 and have been at MacArthur since 2011. I learned sign language at Gallaudet University, the world's only university for Deaf people.  There, I was shocked to learn about the existence of Deaf culture and a close-knit community all around the U.S. At Gallaudet, I witnessed how Deaf people were happy to be Deaf, independent and proud of their native ASL language. MacArthur's ASL program includes aspects of the culture,  reveals the variety of deaf people who use various communication methods, experience differing educational paths and face choices in technology, such as cochlear implants. Understanding all this is an important part of learning ASL.
MacArthur offers Dual Credit for ASL III or ASL IV. We also have an ASL Honor Society starting the second year for those students who qualify. Students have the opportunity to perform in a Spring talent show consisting of signed songs, skits, "ABC Stories" and more. Whether a student is just curious about ASL or seriously interested in an interpreting career, MacArthur's program is a great first step.