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David Dretke




Education is my passion as it should be for every staff member and student that walks through our front door!  LEE HS delivers a high quality education due to the passion of the staff and teachers that serve here!  One of the main contributers to a student's education though, comes from the parent(s), so we hope that you will be filled with that passion as you watch your student grow academically and socially while he or she becomes involved with a club or organization which is vital to their well-rounded education.

Here's where I attended my formal post-secondary education. I really enjoyed attending both of these fine universities and am proud of the education which I recieved from them.  I know your students one day will also enjoy their post-secondary plans, based off of the education they'll receive here at Lee.  Education is key!

- BA - Political Science, Sam Houston State University (SHSU)

- MA - Educational Leadership, University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)

Have a great year!  Go VOLS!!!