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Royal Ridge March Superstars- Bryan Nguyen and Delilah Warren

Congratulations to the Royal Ridge Super Stars for the month of March! Third grade students Delilah Warren and Bryan Nguyen were selected for their daily demonstration of Patriot Pride!  We are so proud of these two amazing students. They truly are SUPER STARS!!!

March 2020 Superstars Royal Ridge


What Delilah's teacher said about her:

What are the student's strengths?  Delilah has many skills that make her a superstar. She works independently or with any group of students. She is very thoughtful with her interactions with others. Delilah exceeds expectations with the quality of her work and puts forth her best effort everyday and every time. She remains an active learner throughout the day. Delilah is a conscientious, hardworking, and compassionate student.

What makes this student special?  Delilah is hard working and extremely motivated to learn and succeed. She is a problem solver and unafraid to ask questions. She is a leader who is trustworthy. Delilah has the confidence to stand alone and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. She models Patriot Pride daily. She perseveres daily to complete all required tasks. She is responsible for completing all assignments, including extension activities. Additionally, she helps with anything the class may need. She shows integrity by always making great choices, whether anyone is watching her or not. Delilah shows self-discipline daily. She is empathetic and makes sure to fill other student's buckets daily.

Why are you proud to have this student on your campus? Delilah is well balanced all around. She has great character and models this daily. Her enthusiasm as a student and friend is an example for her peers to follow. Her commitment to excellence is a model for all other students to follow. In my 15 years of teaching, she is the most respectful, polite, caring, and hardest working student I have ever met.

 DW March 2020 Superstar

What Bryan's teacher said about him:

What are the student's strengths?  Bryan takes his learning very seriously. He is focused on all his lessons, and strives to do his very best in everything he does. Bryan is a very capable student, who really enjoys learning all he can. He is kind to everyone.

What makes this student special? Bryan is very appreciative daily of lessons, guidance, materials and anything the school and teachers provide for him to learn. He values what he is given and works to learn as much as he can from what is presented to him. Bryan respects his teachers and peers, and is thoughtful to everyone. He is eager and willing to help anyone.

Why are you proud to have this student on your campus? I am so proud to have Bryan as a student on our campus because he is an excellent role model for his fellow students. He consistently demonstrates in class and with his peers the five qualities of a self manager; perseverance, responsibility, integrity, self-discipline and empathy.

 BN March 2020 Supersta