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Royal Ridge February Super Stars Ruby Jimenez and Zayden Ramirez

Introducing the Royal Ridge Super Stars for the month of February!  Second grade students Ruby Jimenez and Zayden Ramirez were selected for their helping spirits and daily demonstration of Patriot Pride!  We are so very proud of these two awesome students. They truly are SUPER STARS!!!

 Zayden and Ruby



What Ruby's teacher said about her:

What are the student's strengths?   One of her strengths is that she tries hard and never gives up, no matter how hard the work is. Another is that she is always willing to help out, whether it is a classmate or a teacher. Her third strength is that she is always challenging herself to do better.  

What makes this student special?   Ruby is a sweet and loving girl. She is an amazing friend and a great help to friends, teachers, and even students she doesn't know well. She constantly has a smile on her face. She has an amazing heart, and she always tries to make everyone feel included. She'll help anyone who is down and try to make them feel special. 

Why are you proud to have this student on your campus?   I'm proud to have her on this campus because she is such a bright light and has a loving heart. She follows the rules and goes above and beyond what she is supposed to do. She makes me smile, and she is constantly an example. Her classmates adore her, and she has an infectious smile. She shows what it means to be a star student every day. 




What Zayden's teacher said about him:

What are the student's strengths?  Zayden is always a positive student.  He always makes sure that he does his very best with his school work.  He always makes positive choices in class and outside of class.

What makes this student special?  Zayden is a positive role for all students that surround him.  He always makes sure that students around him are making positive choices.

Why are you proud to have this student on your campus?   I am proud to have Zayden on campus because he sets the bar high for leaders in our classroom.  Zayden is a perfect example of what a role student should be.