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Royal Ridge January Super Stars Sophia Gleason and Isaiah Mena

Introducing the Royal Ridge Super Stars for the month of January!  First Grade students Sophia Gleason and Isaiah Mena were selected for their helping spirits and daily demonstration of Patriot Pride!  We are so very proud of these two awesome students. They truly are SUPER STARS!!!

Sophia and Isaiah


What Sophia's teacher said about her:

What are the student's strengths?  Sophia is always on task and working hard. She participates in class discussions and works well with her peers. 

What makes this student special?  Sophia is kind, smart and beautiful! She always goes above and beyond to support and care for teachers and peers. 

Why are you proud to have this student on your campus?  Sophia is a great example for her peers and excels in all the areas of P.R.I.D.E. She is persistent and always challenges herself. She is responsible and keeps her work space and cubby organized. Sophia is a well behaved student and shows integrity and leadership each and every day. She shows self discipline by listening and following directions in and out of the classroom. Sophia is empathetic and shows kindness to anyone she meets. 

Sophia Gleason



What Isaiah's teacher said about him:

What are the student's strengths?  Isaiah is a well behaved student. He is always on task and works well with others. He perseveres when things are hard and always tries his best. He shows empathy towards his peers and will encourage his peers to do the right thing. 

What makes this student special?  Isaiah is a kind and hardworking student. He goes above and beyond for his teacher and peers. He is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Why are you proud to have this student on your campus?  Isaiah is a great leader and shows Patriot P.R.I.D.E in everything we do. 

Isaiah Mena