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Royal Ridge December Super Stars Madison Beyer and Brayden Connolly

Introducing the Royal Ridge Super Stars for the month of December!  Kindergarten students Brayden Connolly and Madison Beyer were selected for their helping spirits and daily demonstration of Patriot Pride!  We are so very proud of these two awesome students. They truly are SUPER STARS!!!


Brayden Connolly

What Brayden's teacher said about him:

What are the student's strengths?  Brayden is a very hard working student. He has a smile on his face from the moment he enters the classroom until he leaves for the day. He encourages his friends and works well with everyone. 

What makes this student special?  There are so many things that make Brayden special. His kindness, creativity, and enthusiasm for learning are just a few. Brayden is a wonderful friend and cares about all of his classmates. 

Why are you proud to have this student on your campus?  I am proud to have Brayden at Royal Ridge Elementary because he sets an example to all of his peers. He is a wonderful leader, and students always look up to him. 



Madison Beyer

What Madison's teacher said about her:

What are the student's strengths?  Madison is a kind, responsible, and hardworking student.  She excels in all academic areas. She tackles classroom assignments, tasks, and group work in an organized manner. Madison displays great citizenship at all times. 

What makes this student special?  Madison is a wonderful student with such a sweet and positive outlook on everything does. She is always so mature, polite, and respectful towards others. She also demonstrates a great sense of responsibility in all tasks and projects that come her way. One thing I admire about Madison is how eager she is to learn something new every day.  

Why are you proud to have this student on your campus?   Madison is honest and trustworthy in all her dealings with others. She is a true team player who is always willing to lend a helping hand,  share her knowledge and skills, and interact thoughtfully and fairly with others. She is an exemplary student and a great asset to our class and school.