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10 Criteria for Teacher Choice

Professional development sessions approved for Teacher Choice may vary from campus to campus depending on the stated goals in the Campus Instructional Improvement Plan (CIIP). Principals reserve the right to direct professional development toward campus initiatives. Professional development sessions meeting the following criteria are eligible to be considered for Teacher Choice.

Teacher Choice must:

1. be approved by the principal or principal-designee in advance of participation in the session.

2. be received outside of school hours (i.e. before or after school, Saturdays, holidays, and summer vacation), accumulated in increments of no less than 1 hour.

3. be data-driven, aligned with the campus improvement plan, and designed to improve instructional decisionmaking and student achievement.

4. be related to the current teaching assignment

5. aligned to curriculum standards (TEKS), including technology-related professional development training.

6. be related to a Domain of T-TESS.


Teacher Choice may:

7. be received outside of the school district.

8. have had the registration paid for by the District (e.g. It is permissible for a principal to pay for a teacher’s registration at a Saturday conference provided that the teacher is not given supplemental pay for their attendance.).

9. be compliance professional development that is required as part of the job assignment for up to a maximum of 6 hours, provided that it was received outside of the school day. Teacher Choice may be awarded even if the employee receives a stipend associated with the job assignment (e.g. CPR for coaches, HAZCOM for chemical safety officers, Four Blocks training for Instructional Coaches, New Teacher Orientation for teachers new to the district, and receiving professional development in the process of supporting a student teacher, etc.).

10. be received for attendance at a conference for hours that occur outside of the workday up to a maximum of 6 hours provided that documentation of attendance is provided.


Teacher Choice will not be awarded if:

11. attendance at the professional development results in monetary compensation to the employee.

12. the professional development occurred outside of the District and there is no documentation of attendance.

13. the professional development occurs during the workday, even if a personal day is used.

14. the professional development is part of a college, university course, or certification program

15. it is for attendance at a meeting, including department chairperson, dean, lead teacher, lesson planning, or other types of meetings.

16. the employee is providing training or professional development.

17. appropriate documentation of attendance is not provided.