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Teacher Feature: Pre-K Academy's Tracie Solis

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Tracie Solis’ classroom at the Pre-K Academy at West Avenue is filled with fun.

There’s a box of blocks, a tub full of different types of toy transportation and a shelf stacked with sheets of paper ready to be colored.

On the surface, her classroom looks like the perfect place to play. While that is true, it’s also the perfect place to learn.

“I love providing a really strong foundation for these pre-K students,” said Solis. “We play, but we play with a purpose. Every lesson we create, there is a purpose behind it. They are playing, but their minds are growing.”

Solis has taught for 17 years. She knows those boxes of blocks give 4-year-olds the chance to become architects. The tubs of toy vehicles let students discover their love of airplanes, trains or buses. And those shelves of sheets of paper are ready to help create the next great artist or illustrator. 

“We are here to spark their learning and get them enthusiastic about what we do in here,” said Solis. “We don’t know what they are going to grow to love when they grow up -- it all kind of starts in pre-K. They see what they like, then they realize they are good at it.”

North East ISD’s Pre-K Academy at West Avenue is a campus solely dedicated to building the foundations for lifelong learners. Our certified teachers understand their critical role in your child’s educational journey. Solis gets it. That’s why she loves her job and her students. 

“I get to work with parents to help these little minds love learning,” said Solis. “I tell the parents we are helping a little plant grow. It takes all of us working together to help that plant grow big and strong. I love these kids. I love them.” 

Thank you, Tracie Solis, for helping build strong educational foundations for our littlest students #theNEISDway

Evan Henson
posted on: 03/18/2024