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Clinic Information


Health information sheets are required for each student. These sheets are essential in providing care to your child while at school. A health information sheet must be completed and returned to the school nurse. Current work, home, and cell phone numbers for parents and other adults who are authorized to pick up your child must be listed. Changes in work, home, and cell phone numbers are to be sent to the clinic and the office. Students will not be released to anyone not listed on the emergency information.


If students are hurt or become seriously ill at school and the parents/guardians cannot be reached by telephone, they will be transported by EMS to an emergency room and the parents/guardians will be held responsible for all expenses. NEISD shall not be responsible for costs of treating injuries or assume liability for any costs associated with an injury at school or at any school-related function.


ALL medications shall be delivered and kept in the school clinic. Medications may not be kept in the classroom or administered by a teacher in the classroom. Students may not carry ANY type of medication. If a student has a health concern and requires medication during the school day. A Medication Administration Request form must be completed by the prescribing physician. Students requiring procedures/treatments during the school day will be required to submit the Physician/Parent Request for Administration of Procedures/Treatment form. These forms must be completed annually and whenever there is a change of medication, dose, procedure, and/or treatment. This includes prescription and over the counter medications. Only a parent may deliver or pick up medication at school. Please contact the school nurse for more information.


All students must be current with required immunizations in order to attend school Please contact the school nurse with questions.


Children with fever cannot be in school. If your child develops of fever of 100.0 or higher, you will be contacted to pick your child up. We recommend that your child stay home until they are fever free for 24 hours, without Tylenol or Motrin/Ibuprofen. If your child reports they have had several cases of diarrhea during the day, you will be contacted to take them home. We will also call you if your child has vomited and looks like they do not feel well.


As per RI State Law the following screenings will be done at Wilshire Elementary School. During the school year information will be provided through the newsletter or website, giving specific dates for the hearing and dental screenings, as well as height/weight and spinal for 5th grade girls, so please watch for this information in the newsletter.


Vision and Hearing Screenings will be conducted by the school nurse throughout the school year. If your child wears glasses please remind him/her to wear them every day. You will be notified only if your child does not pass the screening.


No date at this time. The dentist will screen all children in the 3rd grade. A permission form will be sent home at a later time.  


School Nutrition Services recognizes the strong relationship between nutrition and learning. To support this relationship, School Nutrition Services seeks to provide nutritious meals that are made from quality products and are acceptable to students. The purpose of this policy is to develop healthy lifestyles for students, and establish policies that improve school nutrition and physical activity. The School Improvement Team at Wilshire Elementary has developed a target for children to increase their consumption of healthy food and increase their physical activity at school. It is therefore, our goal that children will develop healthy eating habits during lunch and snack. Children are allowed to eat peanut/nut snacks in the lunchroom since we do provide a peanut/nut free table. We are encouraging you to help us meet this goal by packing healthy lunches and snacks for your children.