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District Family Engagement Policy

North East ISD provides a quality education for every student in collaboration with a strong family engagement program. Both experience and research tells us that a child succeeds when there is a positive relationship between the home, school, and community.  NEISD is dedicated to developing and maintaining partnerships with parents, school staff, and community members.

North East ISD’s Family Engagement Committee is comprised of parents, community members, administrators, teachers, and other staff members. The committee will meet annually to discuss the design and implementation of the Family Engagement Policies and explore ways the district and schools can encourage effective family engagement.

Campus Family Engagement Policy

Each Title IA campus has its own Family Engagement Policy.  All North East ISD schools are dedicated to the belief that family engagement is key to the success of each student. The parents or guardians must be actively engaged in their students’ education.  For this reason, parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in campus events.  By working together, we can achieve success for the students and the school.

Your engagement in this partnership may include:

  • Encouraging your child to put a high priority on education and working with your child on a daily basis to make the most of the educational opportunities the school provides.
  • Ensuring that your child comes to school ready to learn every day, completes all homework assignments, and attends tutoring as needed.
  • Becoming familiar with all of your child’s academic programs, school activities, extra-curricular activities, and special programs offered on your campus and within the district.
  • Discussing with the principal or appropriate school personnel any questions you may have about the educational opportunities available to your child.
  • Reviewing the requirements of the graduation programs and post-secondary options with your child, once your child enters middle school.
  • Monitoring your child’s academic progress by building a relationship with your child’s teachers and by keeping in close communication with them.
  • Attending scheduled conferences and request additional conferences as needed.
  • Becoming a school volunteer or mentor on campus.
  • Participating in campus parent organizations, such as PTA. Contact the school about these organizations.
  • Serving as a parent representative on a district-level or campus-level planning

committee. To volunteer, please contact the school office.

  • Attending board meetings to learn more about district operations.

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