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Medical Protocol

Medications may not be kept in the classroom, with the student, or administered by a teacher. Students cannot carry medication on their person, in their lunch box, or their backpack (including cough drops)
medication must be brought to the clinic by an adult, in the original container, and may be given for 10 days (short-term) or year long with the appropriate forms completed. These can be found on the Parent Portal information site, health services web page, or ask the clinic staff at 210-407-8302 or 210-407-8221.

Please report to us if your child has been diagnosed with strep, the flu, or any contagious illness.
If your child will be absent for an illness or you wish us to notify you if your child comes in complaining of feeling bad, please email us or call.

If your child has a fever of 100 degrees or more, please keep them home. We ask that the student be fever free for 24 hours without administration of fever reducing medications before returning to school. This will help limit infectious exposures and spread of the illnesses at Tuscany.

Please call the clinic for any concerns or requests.