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Welcome Back Brahmas!



School begins promptly at 10:00 am.  Starting at 9:50 am, students will report to their assigned classes.  Administrators and faculty will be posted around campus to direct students to their classes.  Students will attend their classes as scheduled. 

Students who arrive before 10 am will be required to wait in designated areas until 9:50 am, unless they are at a practice for one of the extra-curriculars.



As much as possible, we highly recommend that parents transport their children to and from school as they return during Phase In.  Students should arrive no earlier than between 8: 30 and 9:00 am. 

If your child needs to ride a bus to and from school, you can check the bus number and pick up times at the following link:

Buses will begin arriving at MacArthur starting at about 9:15 am.  Students will be directed to the cafeteria or designated areas until 9:50 am.

Classes will end at 3:25 pm.  If you are transporting your child, you may pick them up at the front of the school after 3:25 pm.  Buses will arrive between 4:15 and 4:30 pm.  Students who must wait for a bus will wait in designated areas until buses arrive, unless they are participating in an extra-curricular practice.  Students will have the opportunity to engage in Blended learning online from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.

STUDENT DROP-OFF – Please do not drop off or pick up your child on the street.  This creates traffic issues and it is not safe.  The same is true at pick up time.  In the past I have even seen parents picking up kids in the middle of the street.  This is VERY dangerous and you can be ticketed.  Please keep your child’s safety in mind.  The few minutes you believe you save can never compensate if something bad happens.  Thank you.


The front circle is open for drop-off only in the morning.  It will be locked at 9:30 am and is not re-opened until approximately 4:40 pm.  There are Student Parking Tags available.  All parking tags are sold on a first come first served basis.  The cost for a parking tag is $30.  Students must have a visible parking tag in order to park on campus.  This is in effect on the first day of school.  Student vehicles without tags will be ticketed and can possibly be towed.  If your child does not have a parking permit, please remind them that they may not park on campus. 

  • There is no parking allowed on the Band Practice field. Student pick up after activities will be in the front circle area.
  • Traffic Flow - The front parking lot has a one-way entrance and exit. It is very important that we observe the traffic flow to allow easier and safer access to and from the front lot.  Failure to follow posted traffic flow can cause dangerous situations and, for students, it can result in the loss of the parking tag.  The entrance is in the area closest to CVS.  The exit is in the area right by the front circle.  We also ask that parents picking up their students to please park in the available parking spaces to wait for and pick up your child.  I have attached an arial photo of the school showing the entry and exit as well as the pick up/drop off area.


As you know, all NEISD schools have additional security measures that were put in place last year with additional Safety measures required due to COVID 19.  Below are some important considerations:

  • FACE MASKS – Students must have a face mask, and they will be worn at all times except when eating lunch.
  • WATER BOTTLES AND SANITIZERS – Students should bring a water bottle with them. Water fountains are available only to refill water bottles. 

Every classroom will have approved hand sanitizers.  Students may bring a small personal bottle of hand santizer, but it may not be shared with anyone.

  • HALLWAYS - Hallways will be one direction only to avoid crowding. All of the hallways are marked.  Below is a link to a video that shows how to get around on campus.
  • Maps will be sent out showing the hallway directions for every building and every floor.
  • ELECTRONIC DEVICES – While students will be in face to face instruction, all students should bring their electronic devices, power cords and earbuds/headphones, so that can work as needed during their classes.
  • BREAKFAST AND LUNCH – Thanks to available federal support, Breakfast and Lunch are free of charge. The only charge will be for A La Carte items, and if a student gets a second tray.  Students can bring a lunch from home. 

Due to COVID restrictions, we cannot accept food deliveries and we cannot let students out to get food from you.  That may change as we move forward with the transitions, but we MUST adhere to this expectation.  In addition, MacArthur is a closed campus, and students may not leave campus for lunch.

  • CLEAR BACKPACKS - All students must have a clear backpack. This applies to any bag the student may use to carry their books and/or school items such as messenger bags, briefcases, etc.  It does not apply to small purses, gym bags, band cases, dance/cheer equipment bags.  Remember, Clear Backpack or No Backpack!
  • CAMPUS ACCESS - All exterior doors will remain locked. The gate at the bus circle going into the courtyard, and the gates at the front circle will be closed at 10:00 am.  Anyone arriving after 10:00 am will have to buzz in for entrance. 
  • STUDENT ID’S – Students should have their student ID with them. We will try to provide ID’s during the first week for freshmen and those who do not have an ID.

DRESS CODE – As always, dress code is in effect the first day of school.  We need your help in ensuring that your children are properly dressed for school.

  • Girl’s skirts, dresses, and shorts must be of an appropriate length.
  • Boys must wear their pants at their waist and should have a belt to secure their pants.
  • No halter-tops, bare midriffs, or muscle shirts allowed.
  • No translucent or see through clothing.
  • No hats of any type for boys or girls.
    • Students should not bring hats or caps to school because they will not be allowed to wear them at any time.
    • This includes hanging them on their belts, backpacks or anywhere else. They are subject to confiscation.
  • Hair should be a neatly groomed and not distracting.
  • No piercings anywhere other than the ears. Students will be required to remove any facial or other visible piercings and they are subject to confiscation.
  • Please help us with this issue. Remember that students who are out of dress code are subject to disciplinary measures.


TOBACCO/VAPE PRODUCTS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY – The following is directly from the NEISD Student Code of Conduct, which can be found at:

North East ISD prohibits the following in accordance with Texas Education Code Section 38.006 and Texas Health and Safety Code Section 161.081:

  1. Any adult and/or student from smoking cigarettes, tobacco, tobacco products, electronic, vapor, smokeless or any other substitute form of cigarettes, tobacco or tobacco-like products, as well as the use of any devices which are used for the purpose of ingesting or transmitting any type of tobacco or tobacco-like products at a school-related or school-sanctioned activity on or off school property.
  2. Students from possessing or using cigarettes, tobacco, tobacco products, electronic, vapor, smokeless or any other substitute form of cigarettes, tobacco or tobacco-like products, as well as the use of any devices which are used for the purpose of ingesting or transmitting any type of tobacco, or tobacco-like products at a school-related or school-sanctioned activity on or off school property.

North East ISD will ensure that school personnel will enforce the tobacco/vapor rules. State law prohibits the possession, purchase, consumption or acceptance of an electronic cigarette, cigarette or tobacco product by an individual who is younger than 18 years of age. An offense under state law is punishable by a fine. Additionally, students will face disciplinary consequences which could include a DAEP placement or an expulsion for a THC or CBD related violation.

Vaping has become epidemic with our teens.  It is something we address on almost a daily basis.  In addition to our concern over the health risks this behavior poses, we have seen a number of students expelled for the possession or use of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the principal psychoactive ingredient in marijuana).  We want to reiterate that possession or use of THC on campus will result in a recommendation for disciplinary placement up to and including expulsion for students who are found to be vaping THC or have THC in their possession.  This strong stand is imperative not only to remain compliant with state law and the North East ISD Student Code of Conduct, but also to help to deter a behavior that is endangering our students.

Regardless of personal opinions on this issue, possession and use of e-cigarettes/vaping devices remains illegal under state law for persons under 18. All devices, oils, and other paraphernalia are explicitly prohibited by the North East ISD Student Code of Conduct for students of all ages. Confiscated devices, cartridges and oils will be subject to immediate on-campus chemical testing. Students who are in possession of any item which tests positively for THC will be recommended for DAEP placement or expulsion as such possession is a state jail felony. Note that possessing or being under the influence of any controlled substance as detailed above can also result in separate criminal penalties as determined by law enforcement.

For the safety and wellbeing of our children, please help us to reinforce the serious safety and disciplinary consequences, which can result from vaping. You can access for additional resources, which may help you to initiate this conversation with your child. Thank you for your continued collaboration as we strive to ensure the safest possible educational environment for all students.


Any threat to engage in any type of violent act against another student, a staff member, or the school itself, will not be tolerated. This includes any threat made via social media.  Consequences will include disciplinary action and could result in criminal prosecution.  Additional information regarding threats is detailed on page 36 of the Student/Parent Handbook, which can be accessed via the following link:

The Student Code of Conduct can be found at the following link:

Students, parents and guardians should immediately report any information concerning any apparent threat to student or staff safety to campus administration. Information may also be provided to the North East Police Department at 407-0911 or via NEISD's anonymous 24-hour tip line at 655-CARE (655-2273). 


Student attendance will continue to be based on their being in school and in class on a daily basis.

  • Students who are out can still retain their attendance by logging in to the Google classroom and completing the assignment for the day before 12 midnight. 
  • If you are picking your child up early for an appointment or any other reason, they must be signed out at the attendance office. They will be called to the front office.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Student immunizations must be current, or the student will not be allowed to attend classes.  Immunizations will be checked for all students.

URGENT NOTICE! – Whenever we receive returned mail, we are required to get a new verification of residency.  As we begin the new school year, please be aware that any student for whom we have received returned mail will not be allowed to attend school until we have a new verification of enrollment.  In addition, any student attending MacArthur on a Power of Attorney (POA) or a Living With must have renewed the POA or Living With before the start of school.  If your child (ren) fall within any of these categories, you will be contacted to provide the necessary documentation or pick up your child until the necessary documentation can be provided.  We want your child (ren) in school, but these are legal requirements that must be fulfilled.

UPDATE EMAILS - Many of you do not have a current or correct email address in our system. You are missing out on important communication. Please make sure you take time to go into your Family Access account to update or ensure that you have a correct email entered so that we can adequately communicate with you. The sooner you do this, the better.