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CTF competition November 2021

CyberPatriot News 

November 17, 2021

Roosevelt High School’s CyberPatriot Team consisting of ETADATA & JROTC members participated in the 2021 AFCEA Challenge – CTF Capture the Flag EventThe CyberTexas Foundation partnered with Alamo AFCEA on their Alamo ACE Capture the Flag Event, sponsored by Deloitte, on November 16, 2021 at the La Cantera Resort.  

Roosevelt had two participating teams earning the 1st and 2nd place slots on the leaderboard. 

Congratulations to all competitors and kudos to Layla for being the youngest member on our team to capture a flag.   


1st place Team One: Care Bears  

  1. Roselyn Schnabel 

  2. Julian Pena 

  3. Francisco RodriguezVara 

  4. Tristan Lee  

2nd place Team Two: Meows 

  1. Layla Tijerina  

  2. Seyma Kilic

  3. Logan Wilson  

  4. Eirik MarquezBarnett