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San Antonio Area Foundation Scholarship - Due January 31 st

Apply Now! Through the San Antonio Area Foundation Scholarship Application you apply for about 90 scholarship through just one application. This is Due on January 31st.


Individual Applications

  • These scholarships require their own application. They are not included in the common application. To submit an application, you will have to apply separately to each scholarship fund. 
  • Applications are now open. Whataburger Family Foundation Scholarship closes Jan. 13, 2020. All other applications close Jan. 31, 2020.
  • To apply:

    • Click on the apply now button

    • Create or use your existing log in information to begin the application process 

    • Once logged in, you will see three Eligibility Quizzes. Please fill out the Eligibility Quizzes to determine your eligibility for our individual scholarships. If you pass the Eligibility Quiz, you will then have access to the scholarship application.
    • These scholarship applications are reviewed by individual scholarship committees. 

  • For questions about the application process, please contact Anne Ferguson, philanthropic assistant, scholarships, at 210.570.1520 or by email at

Common Application 

  • Over 50+ scholarship funds use the common application.
  • Applications are now available. The deadline for the common application is Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020.
  • By completing the common application, you will be considered for each scholarship fund in this category that fits your criteria. You do not have to select a specific scholarship.
  • To apply:
    • Click on the apply now button
    • Create a username and password to begin the application process. A username and password must be created, even if you have applied in a previous year.
  • For technical questions, please contact Scholarship America at or 1.507.931.0719.
  • For questions concerning scholarship funds, please contact Bernice Uresti, program officer, Scholarships, at 210.228.3759 or by email at

External Applications

  • The scholarship funds in this section require specific applications.
  • Follow the instructions on the list to request an application.
  • All applications are currently closed.