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Theatre Calendar

  • Aug. 12th at 3:50pm-4:15pm -Mandatory Student Informational meeting (Choir rm)

  • August 22-24 - Bradley’s Musical Auditions (Black Box)

  • August 30th at 2-4:30pm - The Performing Arts go to Main Event! 

  • September 13th- Greenback Night

  • October 28th - Bradley’s 40th Anniversary

  • November 11 & 12th - Public Performances of Musical

  • December 2nd -Elementary Holiday Tour with the Bradley Performing Arts

  • December 10th - Theatre/Speech Fest

  • February 24th & 25th - One Act Play 

  • April 15th - Theatre/Speech Fest

  • May 24th - Talent Show

Additional field trips and Theatre events will be scheduled throughout the year. 

Mad Props Theatre club is the first Friday of every month from 7:45-8:15am in the Black Box. This club is open to all students!