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LEE student crowned 2023 Reina Latina San Antonio Teen

Reina Latina Teen standing in front of LEE

Fiesta is officially here!

For Legacy of Educational Excellence (LEE) High School junior Sahara Trevino, this Fiesta is extra special. Not only is it her first Fiesta, but she is also celebrating as the 2023 Reina Latina San Antonio Teen.

“I am looking forward to meeting new people. I love meeting the kids. I let them try on my crown. They are so cute.” 

Those connections are important. It gives Trevino a chance to connect with her community -- something she truly enjoys. For instance, she celebrated her most recent birthday by handing out motivational goody bags and cupcakes to people in her neighborhood. In addition, she advocates for mental health awareness and will use her platform as Reina Latina San Antonio Teen to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. 

“Sharing time with others and the community makes me feel happy, and I always hope to leave a positive impact of caring,” said Trevino. “People matter, and I believe we are all special!”

Trevino is a member of LEE’s Dance Team, the Darling Drillers. She is also an active member of the San Antonio Police Department’s Safety Corps. 

Sahara is just one of North East ISD’s amazing student leaders, making an impact on her community #theNEISDway

Reina Latina Teen in front of LEE


Evan Henson
posted by: 04/26/2023