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Board Members

Dianne Joaquin

Dianne Joaquin – ETA Alliance President


Hi, my name is Dianne Joaquin.  I have a full-time career as a Nationwide Licensed Mortgage Recruiter. My husband is retired USAF and we planted roots here in San Antonio many years ago.

We have 1 son in the ETA program (11th grade) and 1 son that just graduated ETA 2021. 
Both came straight from a private school not knowing anyone on day 1. ETA offers an amazing Summer Camp program that not only gives ETA students a full PE credit and health credit… but also allows the students to build rapport and camaraderie with other students. Both of our sons have really enjoyed their time at ETA attending Clubs, Events, Lock Ins and building friendships with like-minded students.

I initially joined ETA Alliance as a volunteering parent to get more involved and to know what’s going on with my sons’ school, and to help where needed. (well, also to get discounts on Events LOL, truth). Once I got more involved, I realized, WOW, what a positive impact and difference the ETA Alliance has on the ETA Faculty, Staff, Students, and Parents.

The ETA Certified Teachers work long hours, not just on the academics of our students, but also as Club Sponsors attending after hours meetings, ETA Club & School Events, Competitions, even times when it requires traveling away from their families to support their clubs.

The ETA Alliance helps with volunteering when and where needed, also coordinating the events, funding the clubs when possible, and raising funds for scholarships and more!

We ALWAYS need parent volunteers and WELCOME you with open arms. Or, like me, if you choose to become an ETAA member first, just to attend meetings and observe/learn then participate when you can!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.


Thank you so much for trusting ETA to guide your student to success.

Jessika Hernandez 
Jessika Hernandez - ETA Alliance Vice President

Hello all!  I’m Jessika Hernandez, a former science teacher and department lead who is now a consulting Innovation Specialist in nuclear energy. I am involved in nuclear education and innovation in power plants around the world. I am a member of the American Nuclear Society, and have been a speaker at the ANS Utility Workers Conference. I am also a huge advocate for STEAM education, and I’m excited to bring my expertise and resources to help ETA students gain experiences and inspire innovative thinking to continue the tradition of excellence in ETA.

I graduated from Roosevelt HS and I’m one of the original members of ETA (before it had a name!) and TSA. I gained many experiences in the program that cultivated my love of science and art, and I am thrilled to pass that legacy on to my daughters who are class of 2023 and 2024. In addition to my girls, I have a brilliant 22 year old son, an incredible husband, and a very spoiled dog.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or ideas at 210-445-8713.


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Cleo g. Ovalle ( ETA Alliance Secretary)  –

I am Cleo g Ovalle and I am the Secretary for ETA Alliance.  My son is a Senior this year and is a Captain and Commander for the JROTC Armed Drilled Team. 

Ginger Weaver (ETA Alliance Treasurer) – Hi! My name is Ginger Weaver, and I am the 2022-23 Treasurer for ETA Alliance. Chris Weaver, My husband, and I are the parents of Sophomore, Charli Weaver.

We were lucky enough to have some great friends that came to ETA prior to us learning about it, and when they spoke so highly of the program, our daughter was on board to follow in our friends footsteps and join the ETA Roosevelt family! We love the diversity of the students, staff, and program, and think it is just perfect to continue our daughter’s education. 

Our daughter had embraced the education provided, the extracurricular activities, and the social aspect of high school. She is flourishing in this atmosphere. Some of the many opportunities she has been enjoying is the JROTC Foxtrot, TSA, Orchestra, Robotics, Drone Team, and Rocket Club.

I love the mission of the ETA Alliance and how it assist’s the students and staff. I am glad I can assist in a small way to make this place great for everyone! It only works when parents are involved, so I am happy to do my part.

For anyone that wants to be involved, please sign up to be a member, come to the meetings and events, and feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

Cindy Duran

Cindy Duran - ETA Alliance Parliamentarian

My name is Cindy Duran, and I am parliamentarian for ETA Alliance, 2021-2022.  My husband, Javier and I are proud parents of our Junior, Kati Duran.    

We learned about ETA Roosevelt while exploring options for high school both in and out of our district, as well as in private and public schooling options.  We were seeking a program that was both academically challenging and one that would provide a supportive community while offering all the benefits and experiences offered by a comprehensive high school.   

Our student has found a wonderful fit in ETA’s open-enrollment magnet school.  Kati is excited to be entering her sophomore year at ETA Roosevelt, where she is involved in Robotics, Cyber-patriots, TSA, Varsity Orchestra and the Foreign Languages Club.   As a new parent of a high schooler, I joined ETA Alliance, in large part because my student was going to be attending a school where we didn’t really know anyone, and it seemed like a way to both get involved and hear about things going on at school that my teenager might have forgotten to mention.   

ETA Alliance works hard to support our teachers and our students, and welcomes the involvement of parents and families who share the goal of supporting this dynamic program and enriching the high school experience of our teens! Won't you join us?  Please feel free to contact me!  My email address is and you are very welcome to reach out with any questions you may have!  

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Valerie Aleman – (ETA Alliance Membership Chair): BIO: “Hello, my name is Valerie Aleman. This is my first year as an ETAA Board member. My son, Ralph-Jon, is a freshman. We have been in this district since day one. Ralph, my husband, and myself are excited to learn all about what ETA has to offer. Ralph plays the trombone in band and is also taking on a course in the Construction Technology Academy. 

I am very pleased to be a part of this group and look forward to the upcoming journey. 

Patricia Anguiano

Patricia Anguiano – ETA Alliance Media Chair

I am married with three kids. My Son, Mark is a Junior at ETA and this is my second year serving on the ETAA Board. 

Amanda Galvan(ETA Alliance Spirit & Marketing Chair): My name is Amanda Galvan and my son, Jonathan is a freshman this year. I nervously decided to jump right in and get my feet wet by joining the ETA Alliance board. Jonathan is the oldest of three children, so  this a new experience for all of us. 

My husband and I are high school sweet hearts.  We started dating as teenagers and were married in 2015. I graduated with my LVN certification from St. Philip’s in 2014 and fell in love with pediatric home health. In 2015, we moved to Seguin, Tx where I attended Texas Lutheran University and graduated in 2019 with a BSN. My husband, Jon is currently attending St. Philip’s to obtain his Physical Therapist Assistant degree. We both believe in higher education and want to be as involved with our children’s education.  When touring the magnet programs, ETA caught Jonathan’s attention and his dads soon after. I’m excited and eager to learn what the future holds.

Rae Brodine

Rae Rae Brodine - ETA Alliance Hospitality Chair

Hi, I’m Rachel Brodine, but everyone calls me Rae Rae!  I am the ETA Alliance’s Vice President for the 2021-22 school year.  We live in NEISD, and our home campus is MacArthur HS. We moved from Georgia to Texas during the summer of 2016 and my son, Dylan, attended Bradley MS for 6th-8th Grades. 

Since we were new to everything in San Antonio and NEISD I didn’t know anything about ‘Magnet Schools’ until I overheard some PTA moms talking about where some of their kids were going to school. I did some research and when the district hosted their first ‘Magnet Night’ at Blossom Center during my son’s 8th grade year, we made sure to attend.  Dylan loved the service dog program at Madison’s Ag School, but his real interest was in engineering and computer science.

During Dylan’s 8th grade year, we attended the ‘Shadow Days’ for STEM at Lee HS, DATA at Roosevelt, and ETA at Roosevelt. Dylan applied to all three programs and was fortunate enough to be selected for all three, but he had his heart set on ETA. He loved the lab facilities at ETA, the hand’s-on learning approach, and the industry certifications that he can earn while in high school. He also liked the variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities offered by ETA and the fact that he would be part of the general life on campus as compared to an insulated program.

I appreciated the family-like atmosphere I felt from the ETA Faculty and Staff and how welcoming the parent volunteers of the ETA Alliance were!  I also liked that the TR campus was neat and clean and that the students we met were friendly and helpful. Dylan will be a Junior this year and he is excited about being able to get back on campus, hanging out with his friends, and seeing what this year’s classes will be like! You know you are in the right place when your kid WANTS to go to school and is excited about learning! ETA at TR just felt right for all of us.   

I HIGHLY encourage you to become part of the ETA program and to join the ETA Alliance because there is something for everyone! Whether you want a little information on what is happening on campus and within the ETA program, you’re looking for an opportunity to volunteer occasionally, or you want to be a ‘mover and shaker’ and join the Alliance’s Board, the choice is yours! This is a very open and welcoming group of parents who keep the best interests of our kids at the center of everything we do. 

If you have any questions or concerns, I will be happy to help.

Call or text me at 706-399-5641 or e-mail me at  

Mary Rubacalva

Mary Burnell Rubalcaba – ETA Alliance Historian

Hello, I’m Mary Burnell Rubalcaba, and this is my first year serving as the ETA Alliance Activities Chair. I have been an educator for over 20 years and worked in NEISD, EISD, and currently at St. Pius X Catholic School as the 6-8 ELAR teacher. I’m excited to serve on the board and get to know as many families as possible this year! 
My son, Garren, will be a junior this year and has been in the ETA family since his freshman year.  He attended KSAT from 6-8, so transitioning to ETA was seamless. He is a member of the varsity tennis team and loves being part of ETA. He’s looking forward to (as we all are) the upcoming activities ETA will host, so he can meet new people and participate in events after a long year of virtual only meet ups! 
My husband (Steve) and I have lived in San Antonio our whole lives and have a blended family of 6 - Gabbie is a graduate of Texas A&M SA, Lil Steve is a junior at South San HS, and Faith is 4th grade at St. Pius X.  Our home campus is Johnson high school, but ETA is where our heart is!  We love the community feeling ETA provides along with the exceptional admin, staff, and teachers.  We are looking forward to a wonderful and rewarding year!

Anna Osias

Anna Osias – ETA Alliance Fundraising Chair

My name is AnnaMaria Osias and I am the Fundraising Chair for the ETAA Booster Club.  At the moment I am a homemaker, but before COVID-19 I was working part time in Accounts Receivable for a locally owned Industrial Racking, Materials and packaging company. I was born in the Philippines and grew up in California most of my life until I joined USAF. I am a veteran and have been living in San Antonio since 1997.

I have 5 children and my youngest, Krystal, decided in 7th grade that she wanted to in attend a Magnet program and of all the programs offered we both decided that the ETA is the one that she is interested in the most. She has been in the program since 2019-2020 school year and she is participating in JROTC and TSA. Her goal is to become a Civil Engineer after graduation from the program.  She enjoys, along with her friends, participating in most of the ETAA events that are offered by the alliance, with membership.

As for myself, I joined the ETAA to be involved in my daughter’s school and education.  It is very important to me to be involved in all my children’s life.  I enjoy being a part of a community that cares about their children, students and staff members and the closeness of all the parents that get involved and volunteer.

To any parent that has children that want or decide to join such a program should always listen and be interested because our children are our future and they will make our world a better place.  If you have any questions or concerns concerning the ETA program or the ETAA, I can be reached via email, 

Tamara Verschoyle

Tamara Verschoyle – ETA Alliance Membership Chair

Hello! I am Tamara Verschoyle, your ETA Alliance Membership Chair. My daughter Marlist is a Senior in the ETA program. Her academic interests include aerospace engineering. She’s active in the Rocketry Club and TSA, as well as Knitting Club. It’s been a positive experience for Marlist to attend a magnet program with an engineering focus. We come to ETA as recent transplants to the Churchill area, and I appreciate the opportunity ETA Alliance has given me to be part of the ETA family my daughter enjoys every day at school. In addition to meeting teachers and other families with students in the program, being an Alliance member has given me greater insight on how the ETA program works, when to expect events and deadlines, and what is happening at ETA each month.

I encourage you to join the ETA Alliance to collaborate with other parents as we support our students in their endeavors. Contact me with any questions about joining the Alliance or our experience with ETA. I look forward to meeting you!

Hola! Me llamo Tamara Verschoyle, y soy la coordinadora de membresía del ETA Alliance (un grupo de padres con estudiantes en ETA). Mi hija Marlist empieza su cuarto año en este programa. Si tiene preguntas acerca del ETA Alliance y/o nuestra experiencia con ETA, me puede contactar por correo electronico. 


Gabe Ontiveros

Gabe Ontiveros - ETA Alliance Spirit & Marketing Chair

My name is Gabriel Ontiveros and I serve as the Spirit/Marketing Chair on the ETAA board.   My wife Valerie serves on the ETAA board as Historian. We are both ETA Alliance board members and reside in the Lopez/Reagan cluster. We joined the ETA Alliance our son’s freshman year as a way to get to know the campus, faculty, parents and administrators.  Our son Xavier is now entering his Senior year at ETA.  He wavered several times between attending Madison High School or attending ETA at Roosevelt, but once he started, he never looked back. 

The ETA Alliance contributes much to the success of the ETA program.  Parent involvement is the key to that success, so I invite all parents to join ETA and become involved.  If you have questions about ETA or Roosevelt, feel free to contact me. We’re confident your children will have a great experience at ETA.

Valerie Ontiveros

Valerie Ontiveros – ETA Alliance Historian

Hi, my name is Valerie Ontiveros, and I serve as the Historian on the ETAA Board.  My husband, Gabe, told you a little about our son, X, and how we got involved so I'll share a little about the rest of the family.  We have two more children, Diego and Olivia, both of who join us at various ETAA events.  One of the aspects of ETAA that I appreciate the most is having other parents available to answer questions that come up throughout the school year.  

When X started as a freshman, we didn’t really know any other parents, so I reached out to people in the ETAA group with my questions when I didn’t want to bother the teachers or Mr. Lozano.  I want to extend that offer to any of our ETA parents, new or returning.  (We can also answer questions about wrestling, orchestra and PTSA at Roosevelt.)