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Online Learning

Google Classroom

Assignments, announcements, and resources will be posted in google classroom. Email me if you need help getting into the google classroom at 

Your student needs to complete assignments in google classroom and attend zoom classes.


Student Zoom Etiquette


Be on time

Be Polite

Mute Microphone (unmute when called upon)

Turn on Video (remains on during class time)

Be prepared (spiral, pen/pencil, etc.)

Find a quiet place (no distractions)


Behavioral Online Student Expectations:

  • Follow the schedule to attend class during synchronous learning.
  • Complete daily asynchronous activities and assignments.
  • Participate daily in scheduled learning, activities, small group instruction, intervention, and tutorials.
  • Use proper etiquette during online learning.
  • Take responsibility for asking for help.
  • Turn in schoolwork daily.
  • Show up to Zoom ready to learn, on time, dressed appropriately, and follow online etiquette.
  • Attendance will be taken daily. You need to log into your class on time.

Online Parents/Guardians Expectations:

  • Make sure your child follows their assigned schedules and attends all classes on time daily.
  • Monitor and ask for evidence that your child is on track with assignments and coursework.
  • Check for links to my lessons.
  • Create a designated learning space for your child at home.
  • Maintain communication with me anytime by email.


Notebook Paper              Headphones

Pens/Pencils                   Spiral or Folder


(Contact Garner Middle School directly if you need help getting access to materials.)

Grading Policy                      

  • Tests/Projects 40%
  • Labs/Quizzes 35%
  • Daily/Homework 25%
Sarah Smith