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Semester Exam Exemption Policy for '22-'23

To all Johnson High School students,

For 2022-23, NEISD will be returning to the same expectations we have had in the past regarding Semester Exam Exemptions.


Please click on the link here and you will find the Exam Exemption documents for 2022-2023 along with an FAQ. The big change from the past two years is that Absences and Tardies will now count towards a students' ability to be exempt from a semester exam.


Reminder: all medical notes are classified as X, extenuating absences. While these absences count against exemptions, students can make an appeal during the exemption window each semester.


New this year is the X-XCV absence coding for students turning in a confirmed Positive test result for Covid and the documentation must be submitted to our school nurse, Mrs. East. At that point, the nurse will confirm how many days they are out and those absences will be coded X-XCV.

  • Absences during the first 1 1/2 weeks of school will not count.
  • Absences and tardies will begin to count for exemptions starting this Monday, 8/22/22.

Please be sure students, that we get to class on-time and turn in all notes, especially doctor's notes, on time to the Attendance Office.