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What is Independent Reading?

Independent reading is involving students in the personal choice of their reading material to promote lifelong interest in consumption and enjoyment. 

What is the Difference Between SSR and Independent Reading? Link

 What is our belief about supporting independent reading for our students?

Where does the the teacher fit into the big picture of promoting independent reading?

Teacher's full participation to instruct, scaffold, and confer while

  • selecting books. 
  • understanding genres. 
  • assessing understanding of the reading.

Teacher's choice of use of time for 

  • supporting not one-size-fits-all.
  • realizing less proficient readers need less time and time to build.
  • realizing more proficient readers need more time and more texts.
  • conferring to measure comprehension. 

Teacher's mindset of access to texts supports

  • providing all genres - not just fiction. 
  • offering 50% literary texts/50% informational texts.
  • providing some leveled texts. 
  • surveying for students' interests. 

Teacher's opportunities to model and think aloud includes

  • scaffolding from critical, to metacognitive, to inquiry. 
  • conferring whole group, small group, and individually. 

Teacher's awareness of English language learners for

  • promoting reading practice. 
  • creating love of reading through interest. 

Independent reading is not teacher-chosen whole group novel study.