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Class Expectations: Academic and Behavior with Zoom

Acadmic Expecations:

- During the lesson presentations, students must respond and interact with me. This is part of their grade. 

- All students will complete independent work ( work by themselves) in their “Daily Student Writing Digital Notebook”. This is due every Friday.

 - Exit Tickets are due after every class that day

You will have a Warm-up everyday, but not not for the first two weeks. This will also be part of their grade. 


Zoom Expecations:

It is very important that you enter my room ready to learn and with all the supplies to be successful in my class. Let’s go over simple classroom rules .

Please always mute your screen.  

-If you need help please ask. 

-No cell phones  are allowed to be out while we are in session. 

-Do not interrupt class, while I am teaching. 

-Stay in your seat, unless you are given permission to get up. 

-Do not chat with other students, while I am teaching.  

-Be on time to class. Do not be tardy.

-Dress appropriate for class. No pajamas! Use free dress rules. 

- No eating while class is in session.

-Be respectful to everyone! Especially when we practice speaking English. 

-Make sure you are on time from your 5 min. Breaks.

-No sleeping!