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Medication Administration

If students have a health concern requiring medication during the school day, the Medication Administration Request (MAR) and the Physician/Parent Request for Administration of Procedures/Treatments (RAPT) form must be completed by the prescribing Texas licensed physician. Please click below to access the forms.

Medication Request Administration Form-pdf

Physician/Parent Request for Administration of Procedures/Treatments-pdf

This form provides important information for the school nurse regarding emergency care and special precautions. The MAR and RAPT forms must be completed annually and whenever there is a change of medication, dose, procedure, and/or treatment.  The school nurse will contact the physician as necessary for information regarding student health concerns, medication, and procedures/treatments. Health concerns and related information will then be shared on an as-needed basis with appropriate school staff to provide appropriate care and safety for the students. All Health Services written physician orders expire after 12 full months.

 Please keep your phone number (s) updated for our information.