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Musical Theater Audition Requirements

The Musical Theatre program auditions students currently enrolled in 8th, 9th, and 10th grades. We do not accept current 11th grade students into the program. 9th and 10th grade acceptances are limited, based on current class sizes.




NESA MT requires that you provide us with a Prescreen Video audition due ONE WEEK prior to the NESA Audition date. You will video your song and monologue, upload it to YouTube, and email the link to Mrs. Bryant and Mr. Everidge via their email addresses at and Students who pass their Prescreen audition will be scheduled to perform a live audition and interview with us on the NESA Audition date. All students who provide Prescreens will be notified whether they have passed onto the live Auditions. Prescreen Videos that have been submitted later than one week before the NESA Audition date will not be accepted for consideration.

The song/monologue audition is limited to two minutes: a 1-minute cut from a musical (song) and a 1-minute cut from a play (monologue). Students should seek guidance from a performance teacher/coach to ensure that the material chosen for performance is fitting for the student’s age and experience.

Prepare one minute of a song from a musical theatre work and perform it from memory. Avoid songs from WickedLes MisHairspray, and Hamilton; they are overdone. The vocal portion of the audition will be sung with a recorded accompaniment. The accompaniment can be a recorded audio track, since we understand having a live accompanist is now impossible. You may also hire an accompanist to record a piano track for your vocal audition cut. If you would like to hire an accompanist to record your song’s piano track, we can recommend Lyn Rousey at 210-843-0632.

There are many suitable songs from Broadway musicals in anthologies available at the library or for purchase at RBC Music and Please pick a song that you are comfortable singing, and that you feel you can express convincingly. Avoid trying to sing something extremely difficult or from the "latest" show. You must make sure your music is in the key you have been practicing. Please get with an accompanist prior to your audition so you are familiar with the piano accompaniment.

Prepare and memorize a one-minute monologue from a published play. Do not use poems or monologues from musicals. The audition panel will be looking for naturalness and evidence of a true understanding of the text. Avoid overdone monologues from St. JoanYou’re a Good ManCharlie Brown, and The Wizard of Oz. Be sure your monologue choice is appropriate for your age; that is, don’t perform a monologue written for a 40 year-old adult.

Prepare this introduction to your audition: "Hi, my name is (your first and last name). First, I'm going to perform (name of your song), from the musical (title of show). Then I'll present a monologue of (character's name) from the play (play title)." You can present your song and monologue in whichever order you prefer.

Contact info:

For questions about song performances:  Jordan Bryant at

For questions about monologue performances:  Daniel Everidge at