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NEISD Super Stars of the Month

Congratulations to Nathan Marcovitch and Ariana James for being recognized as NEISD Super Stars of the Month. Teachers had the following comments about these special students.

Nathan Marcovitch - NEISD Super Star Student  Ariana James - NEISD Super Star Student

Nate is special because he likes to help students who are struggling in math. When partnered with someone who is not as strong in math, he welcomes the students and enjoys sharing his thoughts and strategies with them until they understand the concept. He would never leave a man behind… which is a very mature and kind quality for a teenager. We are proud to have Nate at Tejeda because he embodies all of the Wolf Credo, he teaches the young, cooperates with the pack, and is leaving his mark in math class as well as with his 8th peers. Expect great things from him as he continues on next year at Johnson!

Ariana’s strengths include her ability to always be positive, patient, kind, hardworking, and responsible. Ariana is special because she is always incredibly kind to all of her classmates. We are proud to have Ariana on campus because she is a hard worker who is a true role model to all of her peers!