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Great Kids Study Tips

Stuck on the best way to study? Does it feel like you are trying really hard, but still can't seem to make the grades you want? Try the below links and tips to help!

1. 7 ways to be organized (quick and easy)
2. 9 Study Tips - Video
3. Great Kids Study Tips
4. Good study habits

Top Ten Study Tips:
10. Select a consistent place to study.
9. Don’t wait until the last minute to study/review for tests and quizzes. Study a little every night and get a good night’s sleep.
8. Buy an agenda/planner and use it daily.
7. Dedicate a space for every class in your book bag/binder. This includes spaces for class notes, handouts, and homework.
6. Stay organized throughout the year – putting papers in their place daily.
5. To make study cards, us the front of the card to write the word or idea. On the back write the definition or important information.
4. Use heading from chapters, fill in with class notes and study cards to make personal study guides.
3. Talk about assignments with friends. Discuss work you are reading, this helps increase your understanding.
2. If you are struggling, ask for help. Before or after school help is available if you ask.
1. Make academics a focus in your life. Studying takes time and effort. If you start now, it will be easier to continue.