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Dress Code Updated for 2020-2021

DRESS CODE (2020/2021)

Uniforms are required for all students enrolled at Nimitz Middle School.  Uniforms must fit properly, not to exceed one (1) size below or above the correct size, not be modified in any way, and not sagging.  Any student who does not comply with the dress code will be removed from the regular school setting until student complies with this expectation.


Approved Dress Code Items

  • Navy Blue or white collared shirt

  • College t-shirt

  • Military branches t-shirt

  • Nimitz/STEM spirit shirt or LEE HS shirt

  • Khaki brown, black or blue pants, shorts, skorts/skirts

  • Skorts/skirts (modest, no rips that show skin, not to extend above the fingertips when arms are at your side)

  • Jeans on Friday (with uniform/school shirt)

  • Shoes with backing/cover or strap across the back heel

  • Hair natural color only

  • Piercings on the ear only

  • Sweatshirts & Sweaters (Blue, White, College, or Spirit)

  • Jacket with no hood



Items not allowed during school

  • Hoodies

  • Hats / Sweatbands / Headbands

  • No Denim or Jeans

  • inappropriate or vulgar clothing

  • Wallet chains

  • Spike Belts

  • Visible Tattoos (offensive, gang, promote violence)

  • Distracting apparel / attire