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Recording Student Volunteer Hours

Students are now able to record volunteer hours through the District Website. All students are able to log in through the student portal. Parents are able to log in to the system to help their student record hours through the parent portal if needed.

Logging in

  • Students can log in through the student portal then click student information and the volunteer link
  • Parents can log in for students through the parent portal
  • Once logged in click on student information and click volunteer

Recording hours

  • Click the log hours button
  • Enter the organizations information and a description of the volunteer activity
  • You must enter the contact information for the person at the organization who can verify your volunteer hours (an email will be sent to this contact to verify your hours). Parents may enter their email address to verify their students hours if needed.
  • Enter the date you volunteered and the amount of hours and click submit

NEISD Student Volunteer Service Recognition

Two of the way campuses may recognize students for service/volunteer hours

  • The President's Volunteer Service Award

    • Kids (5-10)
      • Bronze: 26-49 hours
      • Silver: 50-74 hours
      • Gold: 75+ hours
    • Teens (11-15)
      • Bronze: 50-74 hours
      • Silver: 75-99 hours
      • Gold: 100+ hours
    • Young Adults (16-25)
      • Bronze: 100-174 hours
      • Silver: 175-249 hours
      • Gold: 250+ hours
  • NEISD Student Volunteer Service Award (April 1 to March 31 of each year) March 31 is the last day to volunteer and enter hours.

    • Elementary (K-5th)
      • Bronze: 10-19 hours
      • Silver: 20-49 hours
      • Gold: 50+ hours
    • Middle School (6th-8th)
      • Bronze: 20-49 hours
      • Silver: 50-74 hours
      • Gold: 75+ hours
    • High School (9th-12th)
      • Bronze: 50-74 hours
      • Silver: 75-149 hours
      • Gold: 150+ hours