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Dress Code Updates!

Dress Code UpdatesThank you for choosing DATA @ Ed White Middle School. 

Our expectation is that students are in dress code every day.

Students can wear khaki or blue jean pants with NO holes or rips. Shorts/ Skirts must be either khaki or jean material. Shorts/Skirts must be no more than 2 inches above the knee.

A grade level polo, with collar (6th-Carolina Blue, 7th- White, 8th- Navy Blue) or ANY color DATA shirt MUST be worn everyday. On Fridays, students may wear a college or spirit shirt (Band, Orchestra, UIL, Athletics, Ed White, Roosevelt, etc.) PE shirts are never allowed to be worn outside of PE/Athletics. 

Pullover hoodies or zip-ups MUST be CAROLINA/BABY blue , WHITE, or NAVY BLUE, for any grade level, OR an Ed White/DATA purchased sweatshirt. Uniform shirt MUST still be worn underneath. 

Slides or Flip-flops of any kind are NOT allowed.