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OnLine Learning March 23-April 3

Volz Art and PALS Lessons (March 23 - April 3)

Work for all classes will be assigned and graded through Google Classroom.  Please join the class if you have not done so-email me and I will send you the code.  Codes will only be given to students using their school email account.

Option 1: Ideal option- students have been using google class the entire year to access lessons and turn in their work.  This option is the most familiar for my students.

  • Student will access distance learning assignment(s) digitally through google classroom. Student will submit assignments online. 
  • You should have a google class code as you have been working on this all year.  Each week you will upload your assignments:
  • Changes:
    • Work is due on Monday so upload by end of day Monday
    • Work is due in a WEEKLY PORTFOLIO  ex. Week March23-27 Art Portfolio-(NOT IN A 9 WEEK portfolio as we have been doing .)

Option 2:

  • A Parent/Guardian will request a paper version of the assignment and pick up at Lopez the distance learning assignment(s) each MONDAY.
  • A Parents/Guardians will return the completed assignments the following Monday and pick up the next week's assignments.  


Please email me if you are not able to access google class.