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Colonial Era

Pilgrims and Natives at Plymouth

Era of Revolution

Revere's Boston Massacre


Spirit of '76

  • The Revolutionary War 
  • Important People of the American Revolution
  • Era of Revolution Review of TEKS - This presentation gives a brief summary of the TEKS that will be tested on the Era of Revolution Assessment. It will also help you review for the 1st nine weeks exam.
  • Era of Revolution Jeopardy Review - remember, after downloading this PowerPoint, you have to view it as a slideshow in order for questions and answers to animate correctly.
  • 1st Nine Weeks Jeopardy Review My first Jeopardy game using Google Slides.
  • 1st 9 weeks TEKS

Forming a New Government

The Constitution w/ quill pen


Fall Benchmark

Early Republic

Top: Washington, Jefferson; Bottom: Madison, Adams, Monroe

Industrialization and Urbanization

Early Steam Locomotive

Age of Jackson and 19th Century Social Reform

President Andrew Jackson

Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny

Boone’s First View of Kentucky, by William Ranney (1849).

Sectionalism and the Causes of the Civil War

Map of U.S. divided into sections

The Civil War and Reconstruction

civil war brother against brother

STAAR Academy


  • 13 Colonies "Who Am I?" review with map and answers 
  • Foundations of Representative Democracy - founding documents 
  • Action and Reaction - Causes of the American Revolution
  • STAAR Review #1 
  • Principles of the Constitution 
  • Review: Articles of Confederation and Principles of the Constitution 
  • Constitutional Convention 
  • ​Ratification Debate
  • Bill of Rights 
  • Review: Constitutional Convention, Ratification, and the Bill of Rights
  • A New Nation - Stuff You Absolutely Have to Know
  • The Democratic-Republican Era: Jefferson, Madison and Monroe
  • Review: The Early Republic
  • The Age of Jackson and Expanding Democracy
  • Social Reform and 19th Century European Immigration
  • Overview study sheet This is a review of all the units we studied this year.

Post Reconstruction America

Collage of U.S. History