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Class Procedures Unit

Class Procedures Icon

Class Procedures Assignments

 For Students to complete for a grade:

For Parents to complete:

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**A student's grade on the digital assignment is not affected if parents do not complete the parent forms.


Colonial Era Unit

Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving Feast Colonial Era Assignments

Era of Revolution Unit

Engraving of Boston Massacre by Revere

Era of Revolution Assignments


Constitution Unit

Constitution of the United States

Constitution Assignments

  • Chapter 8 Summary
  • Copy of 8.1 Text
  • 8.1 Reading Assignment
  • 8.2 Reading Assignment
  • Constitutional Convention Video Notes
  • 8.3 Reading Assignment
  • 9.1 Reading Assignment
  • Principles of the Constitution chart and practice questions
  • Principles of the Constitution "Spinnable" template
  • DBQ Packet has calendar, background essay, documents, thesis and roadmap guide, outline, and rubric
  • Background Essay Questions  
  • Document Annotations and Summaries located in your packet; 
  • Document Analysis Questions 
  • Outline 
  • One Page Constitution Review in class activity with word bank
  • One Page Constitution Review answer key
  • Constitution TEKS explained
  • Study Guide for Constitution Test  study guides are not accepted late


Fall Benchmark


Early Republic Unit

Portraits of the first five Presidents of the United States

Early Republic Assignments

Industrialization, Urbanization, and 19th Century Immigration Unit

19th Century factory district

Industrialization, Urbanization, and 19th Century Immigration Assignments

Age of Jackson and the Era of Reform Unit

Portrait of Andrew Jackson

Age of Jackson and the Era of Reform Assignments

Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny Unit

Explorers and wagon train in western U.S.

Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny Assignments

Sectionalism and Causes of the Civil War Unit

Map of U.S. divides into sections

Sectionalism and Causes of the Civil War Assignments

Civil War and Reconstruction Unit

Union and Confederate soldiers with flags

Civil War and Reconstruction Assignments

Post Reconstruction America

Collage of American icons

Post Reconstruction America Assignments

Post Reconstruction Poster Project Assignment and Rubric