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Parent Access to Orchestra Information

Linking to your student's Edmodo account will give you access to all pertinent informatino regarding the orchestra program including our Calendar and the Handbook. Below are the instructions.

Parent Sign Up (Web)
After your child has created a Student Account, you can create a Parent Account using your child's unique Parent Code. You will not use a Group Code as Parent Accounts do not join Groups. Once you create your Parent Account, you are automatically observing any Group/class that your child is part of on his/her account.

You will need an email address to sign up for your Parent account. If your email addresses is in use on your child's Student account, then you can remove the email address from the student account so that you can use it on your Parent account. Student accounts do not require an email address.

How to Sign Up as a Parent:

Obtain the unique Parent Code from your child’s account (this is not the same as your child’s Group Code/s). The Parent Code is attached to your child’s account. Each child has a different Parent Code. You can find your Parent Code the following ways:Your child’s Edmodo Homepage on a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.): the Parent Code is located on the bottom of the left side panel in a blue box. 
Your child's Edmodo account on an iOS app: click the three horizontal bars on the top left, then the Student's name, and finally "Invite Parent."
Your child's Edmodo account on an Android app: click the left side navigation drawer, then select "Profile."
Your child’s teacher can provide you with the Parent Code.
Go to on a web browser (you can also sign-up with the Edmodo for Parents Android App and iOS Apps).
Click “I'm a Parent.”

Fill in the necessary information and your unique Parent Code, and check the box to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Click "Sign Up."
You only need one Parent Account your entire time on Edmodo. Even if you have multiple children using Edmodo, you can add them all to your one account. There is never a need to create a new Parent Account (and there is never a need for your child to create a new Student Account either). If your child did create a new account, simply obtain the Parent Code associated with your child's new account and add it to your existing Parent Account. As your child joins or leaves classes or schools, your account will automatically update to reflect these changes.

Note: Each child has a different Parent Code. You do not have to share a Parent Account with another parent, relative, or guardian. Multiple Parent Accounts can be set up for one student. Simply use the same Parent Code found on the student’s account to create a second Parent Account (must have a different email address).