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HEB Camp Field Trip

Dear Parents,

My name is Jaeleen Castro and I am one of the Outdoor Adventure teachers here at Roosevelt High School, and I am happy to share that the Outdoor Adventure classes have an exciting opportunity this fall. Earlier in the school year, I had the pleasure of attending the H.E. Butt Foundation Camp in Leakey, Texas and now I have the wonderful opportunity to take a select group of students who have shown excellent participation and interest in their Outdoor Adventure PE class. This camp is free for educational groups and is an amazing opportunity for our students to use their knowledge and skills learned in Outdoor PE in a real-world setting.

In addition to Roosevelt students and staff attending, a group of students and teachers from Churchill, Johnson, and Lee high schools, North East ISD PE specialists, and Northeast a swim coach (lifeguard) and athletic trainer will also attend as chaperones.

With that being said, there will be ten students selected out of all Outdoor Adventure courses to attend the 3rd Annual Rough Rider Campout.  It will take be a three-day overnight trip. These days will be “school business” and will not go against the students’ absences.

The students have been informed of the criteria for the selection process for the field trip. The students selected will receive a packet in class and will have to turn it by the designated due date in order to attend the field trip. 

Should you have any questions or concerns please DON’T hesitate to contact me. My office number is 210-356-2228 and my email is


I look forward to introducing your child to the great outdoors and an unforgettable experience. 



Jaeleen Castro
Theodore Roosevelt High School
Physical Education Teacher
Assistant Softball Coach
Assistant Basketball Coach