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Chess Club

The Windcrest Chess Club gives students the opportunity to challenge themselves and work with others. 3rd- 5th grade students can join their classmates in the morning to learn, play or teach others about the exciting game of chess!  All experience levels are welcome-whether you are an expert or just learning the names of the pieces!

Our club will meet:

Friday  Mornings





Chess Club Expectations:

____ Each student must have a signed permission form in order to attend. Students may not bring siblings or friends unless they also have a signed form.

____Regular attendance is expected. More than three unexcused absences can be cause for dismissal.  Students will be asked to sign-in each day.

____Students are expected to maintain satisfactory conduct and grades in their regular class.

____While in chess club, students will be expected to follow club CHAMPS which will be reviewed during club meetings. Failure to follow these CHAMPS may be cause for dismissal.

____ We understand that my child will need to eat breakfast PRIOR to coming to Chess Club. At  7:40, students will be dismissed to their classrooms not to the cafeteria.