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Ms. Ferguson - Room M216

Instructional Schedule
5 Days a Week, 50 Minute Classes, 4 9-Week Grading Periods
2nd, 3rd, 4th U.S. History, M216
1st Conference and 5th Lunch

Classroom Policies

Grading Policy:

Daily Work, Quizzes, Homework  60%
Common Assessments  40%
Notes: *Semester exams are 20% of the final semester average.  Students should contact the curriculum AP for exemption guidelines.

Late Work Policy:

Late work is defined as any assignment that is not submitted on the due date and class period with the exception of make-up work for absences or approved school activities.  A 20% deduction from the total grade earned will be taken for late assignments.  Late assignments will be accepted until the material has been assessed summatively or within a three week grading period.

Make-Up Work Policy:

This class complies with the district policy on make-up work.  Students have one class period after they return from an absence to make-up work.  Make-up work is the student’s responsibility.  Students should wait for an appropriate time to ask the teacher for make-up work.  Students are discouraged from interrupting the teacher during the first 15 minutes of class for make-up work.  Students are encouraged to check the classroom website or to come before or after school to obtain make-up work.  Tests and quizzes must be made up before or after school.

 Retesting Policy:

If 50% or more students in a class fail to demonstrate mastery of TEKS on a summative assessment, the teacher will provide an opportunity for re-teaching and re-testing during class time.  All students in the class will be given the opportunity for re-teach and re-test.  The higher of the two grades will be recorded in the grade book.

If fewer than 50% of all students in class fail to demonstrate mastery of TEKS on a summative assessment, the teacher will provide re-teaching and re-testing during or outside of class time.  The grade on the re-assessment will be recorded as no higher than 70 if mastery is demonstrated.  If mastery is not demonstrated, the higher grade will be recorded.


Tutoring and Extra Credit Policy:

Classroom Tutoring, M216:

Monday Mornings 8:00 - 8:30 and Afternoons 4:10 - 4:30

I am available after school Tuesday from 4:10 to 4:40 for tutoring.  Students will have the opportunity to make-up work, quizzes and tests during this time.  The morning before every test day, there will be a special tutoring session for all U.S. History students to get help immediately prior to testing.  Students should schedule an appointment with me if they need an alternative or extended tutoring time. 

Bonus Thursday, M216:

Afternoons 4:30-5:30
Make up session following Thursday morning 8:00-8:40

Students will have an opportunity to practice social studies skills.  Students will be offered a bonus point on their overall average if they attend a Bonus Thursday up to a maximum of 5 points per 9 weeks.  Make-up Bonus Thursday is the following Thursday morning also in M216.  Sessions will not start until 3rd week of school September 14, 2017. 

STAARbucks Café

(Spring Semester Only - Invitation), M215
Thursday Afternoons 4:15-5:30

Students will be given the opportunity to complete an individualized intervention program to prepare for the U.S. History STAAR EOC.  Students will be offered a bonus point on their overall average if they attend a STAARbucks Cafe up to a maximum of 5 points per 9 weeks.  Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Library Tutoring

Tuesday and Thursday 4:15pm - 6:00pm

For students seeking additional help outside of the posted department tutoring times.


Behavior Policy:

Students are expected to strictly adhere to all NEISD, Madison, and posted classroom rules regarding behavior.  Students and parents should use the Student Code of Conduct as a resource.  Disruptions of the learning environment of the classroom will result in removal from the classroom.

Conduct Grades:

Citizenship codes are as follows:

E = Excellent; Student consistently arrives on time (0-3 tardy infractions) and is usually prepared for class, participating in activities, showing responsibility for his or her own learning (collecting make-up work, going to tutoring when needed, etc.) and usually follows all school/classroom guidelines.

S = Satisfactory; Student has had 4-5 classroom tardy infractions and/or is often prepared for class, participating in activities, responsible for his or her own learning, and often follows school/classroom guidelines.  Parent contact was made about warnings at least once.

N = Needs Improvement; Student has had 6-9 classroom tardy infractions and/or is sometimes prepared for class, participating in activities, responsible for his or her own learning, and sometimes follows school/classroom guidelines.   Multiple parent contacts about warnings and/or detention have occurred.

U = Unsatisfactory; Student has had 10 or more classroom tardy infractions and/or rarely is prepared for class, rarely participates in activities, rarely shows responsibility for his or her own learning, and rarely follows school/classroom guidelines.  Parent Contact has been made, detention, and/or referral to AP has occurred at least once.  No exemption possible.

The citizenship code is an indication of the student's daily behavior for a nine-week period and is based on an established discipline management plan.


Aug.  28 – Sept. 5     Classroom introductions / Foundations Mini-Unit
Sept. 4                     Student/Teacher Holiday
         6                    Quiz on Foundations Mini-Unit
         7 - 19             Unit 1: Growth of a Nation
        20                   Unit 1 EXAM
        22 - 5              Unit 2: Progressive Era
Oct.   6                    Unit 2 EXAM
         9                     Student  Holiday
         11-20             Unit 3: America Becomes a World Power
         20                   End of 1st 9 Weeks 
         23                   Unit 3 EXAM
         25 – Nov. 1      Unit 4:  Roaring 20’s
Nov.   2                     Unit 4 EXAM
          6 - 14             Unit 5:  The Great Depression and New Deal
          16                  Unit 5 EXAM
          20 - 24           Thanksgiving Holiday
          27 – Dec. 11   Unit 6: World War II
Dec.   13                   Unit 6 EXAM
          19 - 22           Finals
          21 & 22          Early Dismissal
          22                   End of 1st Semester
          25 - Jan. 5      Winter Break
Jan.    9 - 23             Unit 7: Cold War Part I
          15                   Student/Teacher Holiday
          24                   Unit 7 EXAM
          26 – Feb. 8     Unit 8: Civil Rights  Movement
Feb.    9                     Unit 8 EXAM
         16                   Early Dismissal
         13 – 28           Unit 9: Cold War Part II
         19                   Student Holiday
Mar.  1                     Unit 9 EXAM
         5 - 9               Benchmark
         9                     End of 3rd 9 Weeks
         12 - 16           Spring Break
         20 - Apr. 12    Unit 10: Contemporary  Presidents
         30                   Student/Teacher Holiday
Apr.   13                   Unit 10 EXAM
         17 – May 4     STAAR EOC Review
         27                   Student/Teacher Holiday
May   9                     EOC STAAR
         14 – 25           Writing Assignment/History’s Mysteries?
         31 & June 1     Senior Finals
June   2 – 7               Finals / End of 2nd Semester 
          6 & 7              Early Dismissal

Please Note: *All dates and activities are subject to change.